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Industry must come forward to provide internship to technical students: Bandekar


Chairman of NRB group Narayan Bandekar has lauded the efforts of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and directorate of Technical Education for organising student-industry connect through project works.
Addressing the large gathering of students, industrialists and technical professionals, Bandekar said that this kind of interaction will help the students in their future as their skills will be enhanced during internship.
Bandekar also pointed out that there was lack of skills in the corporate world to convert technical knowledge and meet the requirement of the local industry adding, “Industry should come forward to provide internship to such technical students.”
Raghuvir Vernekar congratulated GCCI for holding the first-ever direct connect between industry and prospective engineers adding 30 projects have been short-listed to guide future inventors. He said that the technical students are pillars of our future progress, who need guidance so that they can share social responsibility.
Atul Pai Kane alleged that the industry needs to expedite procedures including clearances as they consume a lot of time and run at snail’s pace and as such the industry suffers but added that students should be encouraged to innovate.
Kane also said that seniors have much more to learn as there is stiff competition as India has gone global and so there is a need to remember quality, cost and delivery for any product to flourish and be famous.
Rajkumar Kamat said, “We used to feel deflated in absence of practical knowledge but now the situation has changed and a new generation of engineers is lining up and inventions are mind boggling.”
Many students presented new inventions like fire fighting robots, self vacuum cleaning robot, solar harvesting machine, RFID card, garbage sorting machine and so on and so forth. GCCI vice president Pallavi Arondekar was also present on the occasion besides other representatives from all five participating colleges.

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