‘Industrial revolution improved quality life in India’



The World Trade Centre, Goa, celebrated World Trade Day, on Tuesday, inviting local industry to participate in a discussion on the 4th industrial revolution. In all four speakers were invited and they emphasized on the role of technology in the future industrial revolution.

In his inaugural speech, Cyril De Souza, assistant director, WTC, Goa, said that, past industrial revolution did lead to loss of jobs but the good and challenging part of it was that it also created new opportunities that covered up for the loss. He said, that previous industrial revolution also improved the standard of living, quality of life and medical care among others.  Giving his views on the day’s theme he suggested that the fourth industrial revolution which is going to be digital based although destructive would create new avenues for investment and trade.

Speaker D  Kumar Pillai, managing director, Oriyon Plastics and Packaging Products, spoke on the issue of artificial intelligence focusing on virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa  and Google assistant’s  latest feature Google Duplex. He also discussed the pros and cons of the forth industrial revolution with the advent of artificial intelligence in various fields.

The World Trade Day is an international event that celebrates the significance of international trade in economic development and discusses the challenges for connecting SMEs to global markets. The event was at the EDC House.

While Ambar Kamat, director, Eintellize Infotech, focused on the block chain technology and cyber security opportunities.  Speaker, Bharat Kamat, director, Kamat Infratech, stressed on topics like green pro certification and benefits of green buildings.

The last key speaker for the day was Chester Fernandes, business development executive, Aksay Clean Energy who highlighted the short comings of renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy, in Goa due to unsuitable climate conditions. He also requested the government to intervene with the Make in India initiative so as to encourage local manufacture of solar panels. Currently solar panels outsourced from other states, said Fernandes.

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