Thursday , 25 April 2019
‘Indigo Minds’ to boost Goan music talent

‘Indigo Minds’ to boost Goan music talent

Two creative minds, Anika Proença and Lloyd Godinho have joined hands to re-brand ‘Indigo Minds’, to provide independent and upcoming creative artistes the right platform. NT BUZZ finds out more about ‘Indigo Minds’ through them


Music, being an integral part of Goan culture has witnessed many independent music artistes who were forced to leave the Goan shores to find the right platform for their talent. While the past can’t be changed, an organisation ‘Indigo Minds’ is now facilitating between artists network spaces, to get funding, provide collaborations for the artiste.

‘Indigo Minds’ was established by Anika Proença in 2016 with a hope of providing an escape for creative minds from getting into 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. jobs, slicing down their talent-based growth. She began managing graphic designers, web developers, and architects. With home-grown musician and music producer, Lloyd Godinho joining the organisation as a co-founder, Indigo Minds has re-branded to allow progress of independent music artistes from Goa through their work.

Anika highlights: “Original and independent artistes have to move out of Goa to make a name for themselves. Current music promoters in the industry arrange their music from artistes outside Goa, to work here and they become hits. I love going to their shows, but I also feel that upcoming Goan artistes must be given an opportunity. Goans are so talented and they deserve an equal opportunity.”

Being a web manager by profession, Anika worked for in the film industry and with a NGO’s in Mumbai for a few years.  She also tried her stint for a web-based company in Goa. Here, she realised that the company was scared of growth, and since she was in touch with music artistes, she thought of increasing the quality of event production through the company. “No one really helped me to fulfil the dream of elevating the platform for quality artistes. Hence, I quit my job last year and immersed myself in the underground music scene in Goa.” Starting from scratch, she would manage her artistes and had to manage every aspect, including organising events for them.

Indigo Minds manages, markets artistes and connects them to different avenues. They build networks and broaden the perspectives of talented artistes, to give them a boost outside Goa too, presenting Goan culture. At present they are managing six music artistes, besides a freelancing team of six graphic designers, two architects and three web developers. Indigo Minds doesn’t only just find professionals work but also works on developing their personalities, upgrading skills, bettering their stage presence and style of upcoming music artistes they manage.

Lloyd who was earlier part of the creative team Collaboratorz realised that there is a need to work for Goa and Goans who have immense talent. “Indigo Minds is re-branding and we have plans and dreams of creating sustainable goals for artistes in Goa,” he adds. The two believe that a change in the quality of entertainment offered in Goa can directly benefit tourism and create employment opportunities.

‘Indigo Minds’ is currently working on giving a new look to tiatr, yet another important aspect of Goa’s culture. Anika who is a poet by passion has plans of including poems in her tiatrs besides the regular kaantaras. The tiatr will have a message and will be staged presentably. For now, pre- production work is on and the tiatr is scheduled to be released in December.

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