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‘Indian Lady’- a song to support women empowerment
Mumbai-based ‘Collaboratorz’ has created an original song ‘Indian Lady’ to support their movement for women empowerment. NT BUZZ finds out about their creative movement

‘Indian Lady’- a song to support women empowerment



Being a woman is definitely not an easy task, especially in the rural areas of India. At some places, all the differences come naturally when a girl is born in the family. The man is usually the voice of the family, while the keeping of the family’s pride and honour is a responsibility put upon a woman’s shoulders. Time and again initiatives are taken to uphold a woman’s identity and to empower them. However, team ‘Collaboratorz’ believes that a woman does not need to prove herself anymore as she has already done that in the different spheres and phases of life.

Mumbai-based ‘Collaboratorz’ led by Lloyd Paul was formed to collaborate artists in diverse creative fields to showcase their talent under one roof. Mancio Monteiro’s MMfilms powers all the work by Collaboratorz. Recently, the team composed a track titled ‘Indian Lady’ supporting the cause of women empowerment. Lloyd Paul, a composer and director at Collaboratorz and production head at MMfilms believes that ‘Indian Lady’ is more than just a song. “Indian Lady is not just a track, but it is a movement that we have initiated to support the suppressed women of India,” says Lloyd who has recently done his debut from Tollywood film industry as a singer.

Lloyd says: “Mancio Monteiro is a proprietor at MMfilms. Dr Josemund has sung the original of ‘Indian Lady’. He has sung with some popular musicians in India in the past. AAR Z is a rapper songwriter from Uttarakhand and has collaborated with us for the remix of the same song. While Merlyn Fernandes who is a makeup artist working closely with Rani Mukerji’s brother, Raja Mukerji, on short films and singer Akshada Talaulikar has supported us throughout the making of the track.”

Merlyn believes that women have reached the peak despite all the hardships and that now no one can distinguish between a man and a woman, when it comes to work and what they are capable of. She says: “Women are now even into the army, and as pilots; so why still suppress them? Parents want a boy child so that they can take care of them when they grow old, while the daughters leave the house to take care of their new family. However, today, a man too leaves the house to stay with his wife. What’s the whole difference then?”

Akshada opines that it is a woman who suppresses herself by comparing herself to a man: “We often hear parents say to their strong daughters: ‘Woh mera ladka hai’. Why do we need to say this and compare her to a boy? In fact it should not be like that. It should be- ‘Woh meri ladki hi hain’ and this is why she is strong. We shouldn’t attribute strength and weakness on the basis of gender.” Akshada adds that if a woman stops suppressing herself, there would be no need to fight for women empowerment in future.

According to AAR Z, majority of the women in India let their daughters go through the same thing they had to. “I have seen many women who do not feel weird to see someone else making a choice for their daughters. As a woman they should understand each other. Instead of having a mentality of ‘Even I went through the same thing, and my daughter will have to go through the same’, they should allow their daughters to live by their choices.”

Josemund adds that women have proved themselves overcoming various tough situations. The Indian mindset is what needs to be broadened to change the current situation in some communities. “Change of mindset is needed. This track speaks of the fact that women are empowered and they should no more feel suppressed.”

Mancio appreciates Collaboratorz’s efforts for their support for women empowerment which he believes seems lacking among some communities in India and that such an effort will create some difference to the society.

Lloyd informs that the movement has already begun on their Facebook page. He says: “We wish that people embrace this change and our movement for women empowerment.”


(To follow the movements visit page ‘Collaboratorz’ on facebook.)

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