India and world science… Are we there?



Science has made us God, even before we are worthy of becoming men. Villages are developed into cities and cities are expanding to greater horizons. This expansion has occurred through the expansion of science and technology.  Today whatever happens from the beginning till the end of the day is all science. Our imagination has opened a new world for us. New experiences are waiting to be encountered each day. From the “Age of Steam” till the present day we have witnessed a rapid development in every field. Science has its own ancient roots and is based on facts. The way we live today is all influenced by our past.

Modernisation in every aspect of life is the greatest example of the implementation of science and technology in every nation. It is clearly visualised that the growth of development in every field is very rapid. Men love to wonder and that is the seed of science. Science simply means common sense at its best. Research by the nuclear physicists has led to the development of nuclear energy as a source of power. Agricultural experts have developed better varieties of plants and highly effective fertilisers. The development of antibiotics and several new drugs has helped to control many deadly diseases.

Medical science has seen the most development across the globe. Studies in anatomy and physiology have led to amazing new surgical inventions of life – saving machines. Today, we are exposed to a large scale of life threatening diseases but each disease is tackled with equal care. The main causes of concern for now are diseases like Ebola, H1N1 Swine Flu and HIV AIDS. Current emphasis is given to these diseases – treatment and prevention.

India was ruled by the British for over a century. The colonial rule had adversely affected the Indian economy. The British used their political supremacy to exploit raw resources of India. The introduction of railways in India further dealt a death – blow to the Indian economy. Later on, the deindustrialisation during this period led to large – scale poverty among Indians. Inspite of all the difficulties and challenges left by the British, which almost destroyed Indian economy, India has made unprecedented development in the field of science and technology and it seems to be the beginning of a new era with endless possibilities.

In the field of missile launch, India is among the top 5 nations of the world. India’s Mars Mission – Mangalyaan was a big achievement for development. Although many questions were raised from the poverty point of view, but Mangalyaan was worth every inch its cost. As a part of its programme for peaceful uses of atomic energy, India has also embarked on a platform generation. Currently eight nuclear power stations are generating about 8 kilo watts of energy and 4 are being planted.

As there are pros and cons in every issue similarly, no matter how much development takes place, there are always a few draw backs which need some attention. Like the need of science for ensuring food security, need of drought resistance crop variety, satisfaction of jobs with assured wages and irrigation facilities in water scare areas.

Transformation of a country from developing to developed is a complex process that requires facing up to the established interests of the society. The interest for this has to come not only from scientists but also by each and every individual. Sciences itself is neither right nor wrong as a whole. The use that the people chose to make of scientific knowledge determines whether the knowledge will help or harm the society. A scientist is not the person who gives the right answers but he is the one who asks the right questions. Each one of us must take the initiative to contribute in this progress as we all equally enjoy the fruits of hard work. When we imagine, we visualise our own thoughts. Imagination brings our thoughts into action. New little minds should be developed with the skills of imagination. We the students of today are the future of tomorrow. Developing our thinking skills and imagination is much better than the usage of fed knowledge. So let us imagine and visualise to discover new horizons.

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.


(Student of Guardian Angel High School)