Sunday , 21 April 2019

Increasing career opportunities in Shipping and Logistics Industry

By E G Viegas

As India’s economy grows, demand for goods will go up. With the Government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign, exports from India will increase in the next few years leading to increased movement of cargo, within the country’s borders and beyond.This means that India’s Shipping and Logistics industry is poised for growth, generating excellent career & job opportunities.Students, so far, have opted for traditional courses leading to an oversupply of graduates and fewer jobs. It is time that students give a serious thought to the new avenues opening up in the Indian economy and consider a career in Shipping and Logistics.

Current Scenario

Shipping has always been a major contributor to global prosperity.The imports and exports that generate global trade are all carried via sea routes.Around 90 % of world trade takes place through ships.

India has 12 major ports – Kandla, Mumbai, JNPT, Mormugao, New Mangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Ennore, V O Chidambarnar, Visakhapatnam, Paradip and Kolkata (including Haldia). The government is planning to invest in modernizing the current ports and developing more world-class ports. Sixteen new port projects have been proposed.

The government through the Sagar Mala project aspires toconnect all coastal cities in India through road, rail, ports and airports.The project proposes to cover all areas of maritime transport, including ports, shipping and inland waterways, and is aimed at realizing the potential of trade.

The Indian government’s focus on building infrastructure will boost the trade prospects in India. This will lead to huge job prospects in the logistics industry.

Railway modernization is also under process. To make India globally competitive,there is a focus on developing industrial regions exclusively for freight.India’s freight transport is expected to triple in the next five years.

The Shipping and logistics industry will develop with the development of other industries. The major drivers are power, cement, steel, petroleum, refining, urban transport, oil and gas and the manufacturing industries. Mining, renewable energy and water management will also drive growth in the shipping and logistics industry.  The Cargo market is expected to grow at 25 per cent year-on-year and will reach about Rs 30,000 crores by 2022. With the kind of support the government is planning to give to infrastructure projects, the logistics market is expected to grow to about Rs 12000 crores in the next 3 to 4 years.

The Option

Vis-à-vis the potential of this industry, there is a dearth of courses for preparing professionals in the Shipping an Logistics Industry.

MES College of Arts and Commerce, Zuarinagar, Goa is offering an innovative course, BBA. (Shipping and Logistics) to bridge this gap. This is a three years degree course, affiliated to Goa University,  that trains students in the various aspects of the shipping and logistics industry like export-import, supply chain management, air cargo logistics, warehouse management, chartering, marine insurance etc.

The course trains the students as prospective mangers and is suitable for both boys and girls, especially as these areland based jobs. There is a dearth of trained professionals in the industry and the industry is waiting with open arms to absorb worthy candidates.

After completing the course, the students have the opportunity of being absorbed in thelogistic departments of large organisations or the various logistics organisations in India, both at the Inland and Coastal facilities and the Middle East. Jobs will also be available in various organisations that support the shipping industry, such as Liner Companies, Freight Forwarders, Claim Handling Firms, Marine Insurance and Surveying Firms, Container Freight Stations, Export Oriented Units, Stevedoring, Ship Agents, Chartering Firms, Ship Management Companies., Custom House Agents, Airline–Cargo Section etc. Students can visit for more details. Young people should equip themselves with a BBA (Shipping & Logistics) degree to take advantage of the opportunities in this industry.

(The author is Merchant Navy and currently heads M/S Ericson & Richards in Goa & Karwar.)

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