Friday , 26 April 2019
Incomplete drains in Cuncolim industrial  estate ideal for mosquito breeding

Incomplete drains in Cuncolim industrial estate ideal for mosquito breeding

CUNCOLIM: People of Cuncolim are living on the edge as there is every possibility of outbreak of some vector-borne disease with many water-logging sites formed inside the industrial estate mainly due to the incomplete drains.
Highly-placed sources in the health department informed that the Cuncolim IDC had written to the Balli primary health centre in June this year prior to the onset of the monsoon drawing its attention to the possibility of outbreak of vector-borne diseases and seeking necessary measures to prevent mosquito breeding.
Ironically, it is also learnt that a proposal which was placed before the industrial development corporation for completion of the drain network is gathering dust with the officials sleeping over it.
Sources in the industrial development corporation, requesting anonymity, informed that the file has remained pending though a consultant was appointed for preparing the drain network. Further, no pre-monsoon work was carried out within the Cuncolim IDC and the existing drains are clogged with waste resulting in water stagnation.
When contacted, IDC officials admitted that the work has not been carried out though a proposal was sent by the IDC. The official informed that the work to clean the drains will be taken up over the next few days and it will be completed at the earliest.
The industrial estate remains particularly vulnerable due to the presence of large migrant population and floating population of truck drivers and cleaners who could possibly be carriers of diseases like malaria, dengue etc.
When contacted, chief officer of Cuncolim Municipal Council (CMC) Maya Pednekar said the matter is of great concern as the municipal area could be the worst affected if there is an outbreak of any vector-borne disease. She said that the municipal council will write to the IDC and hold a joint inspection along with health officials.
However, former chairperson of Cuncolim Municipal Council Devendra Dessai said that water stagnates due to discharge of sewage into the drains which has been going on for the last decade or so. He also said that sewage is discharged during the monsoon and that the council had written to the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) and other authorities drawing their attention.
He said that the units get alerted on the joint inspection and they immediately clean up the drains before the inspection so when the inspection is carried out nothing is found. He also accused both the Congress government and present BJP government of failing to act adding that the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar should look into the matter.
An health official at the Balli primary health centre Dr Vijaya Halarnkar said that the PHC has been carrying out screening of the workers especially migrants at the industrial estate though she said that it is virtually impossible to monitor and screen the floating population adding the IDC could make provisions for screening of those entering the industrial estate and the PHC will carry out spraying at the breeding sites at the earliest to prevent outbreak of any disease.

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