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In search of light… … reality through theatre

As part of World Theatre Day 2019 celebrations, Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts in association with Abhivyaktee will be presenting the Hindi play ‘Yatra’ on Saturday, March 30 at 7 p.m. NT BUZZ gets you the details

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Every year, Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts hosts a play to celebrate World Theatre Day that is observed on March 27. This year, once again in collaboration with Abhivyaktee, a Hindi play ‘Yatra’ will be staged at Sunaparanta, on Saturday, March 30, 7 p.m.

`Yatra’ is an adaptation of Athol Fugard’s ‘The Road to Mecca’ in the Goan context that has been written and directed by Saish Deshpande. “We had this play as part of the portion for the School of Drama, it was read, but I hadn’t presented it. In 2006- 2007 I thought of using it in the Goan context, using a landlady (bhatkarni),” says Deshpande. Since there is no apartheid here, they decided to modify the play and make it about breaking rules in the education system in Goa and adapted it into Marathi. “We added a character of an adopted son, just to show that her ideology is being transferred to the next generation,” says Deshpande who presented the play in 2015.

The Hindi version which is about 75 minutes has a positive ending unlike the original script. It is a journey in search of light that could be knowledge, happiness. “Each character finds his own path or reality,” Deshpande says.

The main character is played by Anagha Deshpande. Ruchira Verekar and Nitin Kolvekar will be seen in the play alongside Anuj Poyekar and Sagar Haldonkar who are the supporting cast. The scenic design is by Yogesh Kapadi. Dhananjay Falkar will be working on the lights.

The play is an exploration of artistic freedom, where the light of thoughts, ideologies and expression flow from all directions.  It is about the revolt of a woman who has been a social outcast in her village.  It is about her journey towards self-realisation and freedom.

The performance will be done using the Sunaparanta premises as the backdrop, and not on a proscenium. “I’m trying to innovate in presenting drama and present realism in a natural surrounding,” says Deshpande.

He adds that, year after year it has been an endeavour to bring theatre to people of Goa, especially on World Theatre Day. “From a children’s play, to a solo theatre performance, we have been trying to experiment with various genres of theatre as that is the purpose of World Theatre Day,” he says.

He believes that World Theatre Day is about celebrating the existence and power of theatre, and thus he hopes that like always, people will come to Sunaparanta on Saturday evening, not just to watch the play but to support theatre and its cause.

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