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Sitting (L-R): Prerna Palekar & Impana Kulkarni. Standing (L-R): Jobin George, Keya Ann D’Souza, Arundhati Chattopadhyaya and Derek Julien

In pursuit of women’s safety

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

In a wonderful example of how art can inspire more creative endeavours, ‘Quest’ for Reality’ a dance performance by Impana Kulkarni and Prerna Palekar will be performed, at Sunaparanta- Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho on December 11, 7 p.m.

Conceptualised and directed by Arundhati Chattopadhyaya, the idea was inspired by the work of Shantibai, one of the artists at the ongoing art show at Sunaparanta – ‘Sculpsit: Between Thought and Action’. Shantibai is known for her Maria Khamba works which narrate stories of women from Bastar, Chhatisgarh and tell of the angst of being caught in crossfire between the Maoists and police. This particular performance narrates the plight of a missing girl named Talamai.

“Quest for Reality is a performance which employs dance techniques of Bharatnatyam and Kathak, but is very contemporary,” shares Chattopadhyaya who has been preparing for this for over a month. “Instead of using recorded music I thought of creating something new and that’s when the dancer Impana said she had written a song, After she sang it to me, I asked her if I could  borrow it  and that’s how ‘Talamai’ became real.”  The performance has been choreographed by Keya D’Souza and will be accompanied with live music by guitarists Derek Julian and Elvis Lobo and percussionist Jobin George.

Describing the performance as an emotional journey through movement, music, and dance, Chattopadhyaya says that while the act is based on the turmoil of a young girl, “everywhere the topic of safety of a woman is an important issue”, she says, adding that the piece asks questions like whether hanging or killing culprits is a solution to the problem of women’s safety. “I want answers from the audience at the end of the performance,” adds Chattopadhyaya. She further adds that one of the Maria Khamba’s will be placed on stage during the performance.

(‘The concert is open to all, and is free of charge)

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