Thursday , 17 October 2019
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In good light

When one thinks of lighting for a place, usually power saving efficiency is taken into consideration. However, there are plenty of other factors that one needs to keep in mind. Thus in the hope educating people on these, discuss the future of sustainable lighting practices and lighting design as well as to keep abreast on the latest trends in the professional lighting design, ‘Lights in Goa’, an international architectural lighting seminar is all to be held in Goa.

The three-day event which gets underway on February 6 at Cidade de Goa has been spearheaded by Kapil Surlakar, James Andrade, and Sacheen Pai Raikar, directors at KJS Events, and is expected to witness participation of architects and lighting experts both from India and abroad.

“The seminar seeks to create awareness of good lighting practices, how it affects human life and create better environment,” said Surlakar.

Elaborating further on this, the trio stated that using white light for instance in a heritage area does nothing to amplify the beauty of the space. White light also emits blue radiation which can cause sleep problems for people which in turn could cause other health issues.

“From the time we began holding this event (2010) however we have not seen much difference in how lighting is perceived. Thus time around, we are taking things a step further with a focus on education. We hope to create a masters degree program or a similar course with participation from universities,” informed Surlakar.

In this regard, there will be a pre convention meeting on February 6 with representatives of four participating international universities and members of the educational institutes and universities in different parts of India to discuss collaborations and exchange programs.

Among the many lectures and workshops as part of the event, one of them will be, ‘To be smart or not.’ “Here we will be discussing the smart city concept and whether smart lights are really required. We have invited smart city corporations from different parts of India to participate for this,” said Andrade.

Apart from this, some of the key speakers at the event are visiting fellow at London School of Economics Elettra Bordonaro, Ellen Kathrine Hansen, who holds a PhD in lighting design process from Aalborg University, Denmark, Michael F Rohde who has an MSc in architecture from Karlsruhe University Germany.

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