Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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In conversation with Usman and Shahida

Parents of Misbah, Usman and Shahida are overjoyed with their daughter’s achievement so far. Speaking to NT BUZZ her father Usman Shaikh says that Misbah has always been an all-rounder. “Misbah was always good in studies and her teachers always spoke highly about how she fared in studies and other curricular activities.”

He says that while they never forced ambitions on their children, they were clear that their children were to be well educated and supported in their endeavours. “We firmly believe in the religion of Islam which teaches equality, freedom, acceptance and tolerance,” he says.

Unlike before, her father expresses joy that not just his daughter, but several Muslim children, especially girls are excelling in studies and becoming professionals, and taking up jobs in different fields. “Islam teaches us equality and not to discriminate on the basis of gender. We made sure our daughter was guided properly,” he says. 

Many a times parents pressurise their children or like that their children fulfil their unfulfilled dreams, forcing them to take up a particular subject that does not interest them, however Misbah’s parents believe that giving youngsters’ freedom to choose their path in life is required alongside guidance from elders.

“We think it is more important to let children study what they are comfortable with, at their own pace and not pressurise them. Not every child is the same, everyone is good at something or the other, children should be given a free hand to choose what they want to become. However, guidance and discipline are very important in shaping children’s future,” they conclude.

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