Veteran Tiatr Artistes Remembered

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) organised its monthly programme ‘Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas’ – (Remembering Tiatr Artistes of Yester Years) on March 19 at the Conference Hall of TAG, Campal Trade Centre, Panaji.

Stalwarts of Konkani stage remembered who’s valuable contribution to the tiatr stage was highlighted were J P Souzalin, Dioginho D’Mello, Anthony D’sa, Aristides Dias, Greg, Bernard de Aldona, Allen Costa, Inacio de Canacona and Cajdon D’Souza.

Speaking on the occasion Tomazinho Cardozo, the main speaker of the programme, highlighted in brief the contribution of these prominent artistes. Each one of them had a unique approach towards tiatr at a time when facilities to produce and stage effective performances was lacking.

Recalling the huge contribution of late J P Souzalin, Mr Cardozo said that the modern tiatr stage is yet to see such a director whose religious tiatrs were appreciated for their excellent setting and meaningful sceneries. Referring to late Dioginho D’Mello and Anthony D’sa, Mr Cardozo said both were excellent actors and singers. They could sing in both English and Konkani. Remembering late Aristides Dias, a fine composer and director, Mr Cardozo said he was ahead of his times and staged tiatrs on issues unheard of during his time. Allen Costa he said enriched Konkani song through the ‘Emissora de Goa’ (All India Radio) even during the Portuguese era. Contributions of Greg de Candolim, Bernard de Aldona, Cajdon D’Souza and Inacio de Canacona also helped in raising the standard of Konkani tiatr, song and its music Mr Cardozo concluded.

Numerous fans of these stalwarts gathered to narrate their experiences with these artistes and many rendered their songs bringing these artistes alive among the audiences. Among those who participated were Anthony San, Andrew D’Souza, J P Fernandes, C D’Silva, Luciano Dias and many family members of Aristides Dias. Tina Costa the daughter of late Allen Costa besides singing song of late Allen Costa also disclosed some of the finer points from his life. Sabina, Jessie Dias and many other artistes also narrated their experiences with the late artistes.