Randeep Hooda

Fitness for me: Is being able to do the things you enjoy without running out of breath.
The Bollywood hero with the best physique: Rahul Bose and Akshay Kumar are very fit.

The Bollywood heroine with the fittest body: Most of the actresses have very fit bodies these days.
My fitness regime: My workouts never last beyond 25 minutes. I don’t think it’s necessary to workout for two hours if we can put in intense workout for 25 minutes. In 25 minutes I may do 25 or even 35 sets. I only stop to drink water. I don’t chit chat in the gym. I climb up the stairs. I ride a horse for two-three hours a day. I play various games.
My diet: I have got a big sweet tooth but I eat anything and everything. I love dairy products and chocolates. I don’t live to eat but I do eat to live well.
The body part I love training: My chest and back.
The body part I hate training:  My calves and abs.
My best body feature: The nape of my neck, I have been told.
My worst body feature: I don’t have a bad feature at all in my body.
I started working out: When I was in the tenth standard. I am an old hand at it. My body responds very quickly.
I can gain and lose weight very quickly.
A piece of advice for aspiring fitness freaks: You should only workout as much as you can sustain.
(Bollywood News Service)