Thursday , 14 June 2018

‘If there were sufficient jobs, Goans wouldn’t have gone to Portugal or on ships’

Shaikh Jamaluddin | NT

The migration of youth from the state to other states as well as abroad for greener pastures is continuing with lack of jobs being the prime reason. Year after year, the unemployment graph in the state is climbing at a staggering rate and youth are deserting their motherland despite having degrees, diplomas and being Information Technology savvy.
Besides going abroad, Goan IT professionals have been moving to neighbouring states of Maharashtra especially in Pune, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore in Karnataka in search of better job opportunities. There are also some who have temporary jobs but are unsatisfied lot.
T A D’Souza said, “Unemployed Goan youth are irked as they are not getting jobs despite being qualified. The ruling government is favouring its supporters.”
Aneesha K said, “Goans have lost faith in political parties, they promised 50,000 jobs will be created and many educated Goans were waiting for their turn to come.”
“I had send my son to Hyderabad for a Information Technology job in a multi-national company after he graduated in IT but he had to discontinue after few months since the company had to wind up and now he is unemployed,’’ revealed a rickshaw driver Khan.
Sikandar Shaikh said, “If there were sufficient jobs in the state, Goan youth would not have gone to Portugal and other European countries and taken up jobs in ships and remained away from the family for years.” “My only daughter is doing her engineering in Bangalore with an eye on a job in the state but if she does not get proper placement, how she will react I do not know,’’ said M Srinivasan.
“We do a lot of sacrifices and help wards get degrees or diplomas and even after that if they do not get a job in the state what do they do,’’ asked B Biradher.

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