Workshop for primary school teachers to promote learning and behavior in the classroom

Teaching young children is not an easy job! In today’s world where stress is a daily challenge, school classrooms are crowded, curricula are vast and teachers are overworked, it is often difficult to create a classroom where learning occurs in an atmosphere of enjoyment and participation.

Sethu Centre is organising Class Act, a workshop from April 17 to April 20, on learning difficulties, methods to promote learning of reading, maths and English and discipline in the classroom. The program is an interactive process, including group discussions, lectures and practical exercises. The workshop will be held at the Goa Institute of Management, Ribandar.  Registrations are open at Sethu Centre, Aleluia Menezes Bldg 3, Altinho, Panaji. For further information, contact the Sethu office on 6513749. The last date for registrations is April 7. Class Act will give teachers the ‘know how’ they need to deal with behaviour and learning difficulties in classroom.