A musical mind...

...DJ Anish Sood lets the BUZZ take a peek into his fascinating life as a DJ, a world that involves as much sweat and blood as it does glamour


By Anuradha Das | NT NETWORK


“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want,” Ben Stein American actor, writer, lawyer and commentator on political and social issues has said.

Focus driven individuals high on success principle quotient would like to add to what Stein has said: “The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want…and then go and get it done.”

In this context meet 22-year-old DJ Anish Sood from Vasco, who is still basking in the honour of having opened the recently held EDM music festival ‘Eristoff Invasion Festival-2011’ at Pune and Bengaluru for…hold your breath…none other than Grammy Award winning, French Disc Jockey and house and pop music sensation DAVID GUETTA!

Speaking to the young musician is getting a peek into the creative workings of a musical mind that is simultaneously professionally clear about what he will deliver to the audience and how he will build upon the energy of the house music he plays,  taking the crowds through an entire gamut of emotions, which is probably why he was one of the three DJs chosen to open the festival of an icon like Guetta.

In the words of the DJ who believes the “music set has to have a story”:

His mentors:

“I was mentored by Nikhil Chinapa and Pearl. I met him first on the internet forum Submerge.” And from here, much like John Lenon’s famous quote: “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”, Anish, an engineering degree holder and head of logistics in his family business, stepped into the high pressure professional world of DJing.

On his first big break:

“Sunburn.” The cultured voice carries the conviction associated with knowing the honour it is to play at this premier electronic dance music festival of Asia. “Of course, we youngsters are given the afternoon set, but nevertheless it is a huge platform. The first time I played for the Sunburn was when I was 20. I have played repeatedly at the festival since.”

Preparing for a gig:

“Is not easy and there is quite a lot of pressure, but I guess you get used to it with experience and you get to know what to play and when. I go by gut instinct when I am playing but there is a lot of painstaking background work I will have put in before the event.”

As Anish reels out the groundwork involved with DJing the mind reels listing to the boggling amount of preparation.

“To begin with I listen to a 1000 tracks, out of which I carry some 200 tracks with me on my pen drive and eventually play twenty-five to thirty of these that I decide on, on the spot.”

What being a DJ means:

“It means being able to feels the pulse and energy of the crowd and accordingly building a musical story of emotions, melodies, memories and energy…and that too spot on. Too much of any one of the musical sub plots and you will have lost your audience’s attention (that is bore them) or exhaust them (with too much high energy music) or not connect with them (that is you are not invoking memories associated with music that they are familiar to).” Well, I never! So much behind playing music to a crowd of youngsters!!


Making music:

“My first track is called ‘Catapult’. Presently I am set to release a new single with singer Ramona Arena, which I will be releasing on the Dutch label 925 Music.”


A DJs career:

House music has just entered India and is set to be the next big thing for the next ten to fifteen years. And with it, it has launched a practically new rock star – the DJ.

“Being a DJ is not all about fame and glamour. It involves a lot of passion and dedication. Me for instance, I have practically no social life; I am always shutting between office and studio. I have to have an alternate career because I cannot bank on being a DJ forever. It is a taxing lifestyle. There are the odd hours, the extensive travelling...so as long as I am having fun and enjoying myself it is okay. Plus...and this is a big plus, DJing is a very dynamic field and career span depends heavily on adaptability.”


Music and Me:

“Given all the stress and demand involved I still love doing what I do because I find I can connect with a room full of strangers with music. My music I know will have given people new happy memories. This is my way of spreading positivity.”

And he signs off leaving me in awe of the intricacies involved with making house music, uniting energies of a crowd of thousands to create a memorable musical crescendo.