Connecting the contrary

By Naguesh Rao Sardessai

Yin & Yang is primarily the interconnectedness and interdependency of polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces in the natural world and how they give rise to each other in turn. Opposites thus exist in relative terms and the duality doesn’t denote acrimony.

Dvaita, the Indian concept of duality, does have the same assimilative qualities. Day makes light; day, hot, life make sense when juxtaposed against dark, night, cold and death respectively. There is no valuational hierarchy as they thrive on each other.

Sunita Deshpande Yaradi has picked up from there and wrapped her works around this concept. Her paintings, which are on display at the Gallery Gitanjali, exhibit an interesting play of dual forces through sinewy forms and lyrical lines.

The show titled "Yin & Yang" illustrates this concept of duality in the human domain. Man and woman, love and hate, birth and death, bonding and divorce and such other opposites are brought into the limelight through her unusual style. The forms are stylised and distorted to bring in the required and desired effect. This in turn elicits the best in viewers.

‘Affection’, ‘Rhythm’, ‘Dance’, ‘Couple’, ‘Statue’ and so on are some of the topics she has worked on. ‘Rhythm’ and ‘Dancing’ series have some of appreciable pieces that entices pleasure seekers and prods the onlookers to strike a conversation.

One of the dancing forms goes beyond mere illustration. It marries the supple movements of ballet dancers with the enchanting colours of the Kathakali practitioners. The occidental and the oriental together enrich her paintings.

‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Men’s Look’ are two interesting works. The latter brings out the street side scene through contorted forms that are moulded like a fabric and dashed with luminous colours.

Bright and apt colour combinations add value to her paintings. The works on display describe love as an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. It also portrays the importance of affection and happiness in life.

Born and brought up in Gulbarga, Karnataka, she has a master's degree in fine arts from Gulbarga University and has showcased her paintings at many places across the State. She is teaching art and crafts to children. She has won many awards including the Kalashree award and the Best Art Teacher award given by the Indian Royal Academy of Art and Culture.

She has exhibited her paintings at Kala Academy, Goa; Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore; Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore and many other places.

Her works are in private collections.


(The works will remain on display till March 30.)