Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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‘I see the world as as story’ Diksha


With the dream of being a good conductor and presenter of her talents, Diksha Singh who made Goa proud by winning the ‘Miss Body Beautiful’ title in a national level beauty pageant and has a budding modelling career, has now made her debut as a writer for a Bollywood film ‘Ishq Tera’. The movie features Hrishitaa Bhatt, Mohit Madaan, Manoj Pahwa, Aman Verma and is set to hit theatre screens on April 20.

Presented by Big Banner Entertainment and Media LLP and produced by Deepak Bandekar, the story of the film was in Diksha’s mind for a while because it is based on a real life incident which she has come across and studied about. She just needed time to jot that down on a page, and the only difficulty she had while writing the story was whether it has to be told or not.

Elucidating on what got her interested in writing and how she got the opportunity to write for the film, she says: “I see the world as a story. There are various things happening around us, and we need to see things that are hardly noticed. I wrote a story to tell people how the world is for certainindiciduals.” Diksha adds that the director of the film Jojo D’Souza wanted a plot for a female protagonist so she showed him her story and he happened to like the idea after which the screenplay of the story was written by Manoj Shrivastava. “I didn’t know it would reach this level. I am still a model but now I am not just a model,” says the Vasco girl.

Even though she has not written the screenplay for the film, Diksha does write screenplays and is working on some new projects as a screenplay and story writer, and hopes to present only the best for people and the entertainment industry. She says that the story and plot are the key factors of a film upon which a screenplay is formed, “A screenplay is a very speculative document; writing the screenplay is like physically putting down a film, from your mind to the paper and it is very important for me to let my thoughts be visible,” she says.

But as they say nothing comes easy; to achieve something extraordinary in life you have to work extra hard. And thus Diksha is juggling studies with work as she is currently a final year BA student of MES College of Arts and Commerce Zuarinagar, doing her majors in literature. She says: “It’s a struggle because I have to move out of the state constantly for modelling assignments and other projects where I am an assistant director, at the same time I have to prepare for college projects and exams.”

Giving tips to those writing for the first time, she says that one should first dream, live it, believe it and write. This is especially true for a film; one needs to envision it like it has all happened, even if it is fictional; one also needs to live the energy of all the characters.

Diksha follows her success mantra ‘Karm karo, fal ki chinta mat karo’ (Do your duty without thinking about results). She adds: “For me success isn’t an achievement or a target, if we find happiness in what we are doing I consider that as success.”

The youngster aspires to be a strong and stable person in life but has no particular future plans. “All I want to do is work hard as I can and the future will unveil itself to me,” concludes Diksha

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