Friday , 24 May 2019

‘I had a tough life, but I never struggled,’ Terence Lewis

Dancer and choreographer Terence Lewis got nostalgic and said that he remembered his college days looking at the crowd of students at Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao. He was invited as the chief guest to celebrate Founder’s Day of the college on August 25. Terence said that the teachers and the institute play a very significant role to shape the life of a student. “Teachers may think that their job is not being appreciated. But I want to tell them that it is because of them that we are shaped. Whatever I am today is because of my teachers and the institutions I have studied in. Every year, I go to my college, St Xavier College, Mumbai on September 5, ‘Teachers Day’ and thank my teachers for their dedication,” he said.

Terence further stated that he was born and brought up in a very poor family. He was the youngest of eight children in the house. “Even though I was the youngest of all my siblings, I was not pampered. How can you expect being pampered from poor parents?” he said. He believes that he had a tough life, but never really struggled. “Since I had poor financial background, I had a tough life. But I never struggled. To me, struggle is when you expect more than you deserve. I was happy because my mother taught me to accept what I have. Learn to appreciate it and make the best of whatever you have. When you accept what you have without further expectations, you stay happy and you cannot call it a struggle.”

“Nothing in the world can ever take the place of persistence. There are many unsuccessful talented and genius people around the world but it is only with persistence and determination that you can achieve what you want. Today, when people speak to me about my success, I say yes, it took me 20 years to become successful,” Terence said.

Comparing confidence and clarity, Terence explained that anyone can be confident, but it is necessary to be clear of your path. Terence recommended students to take chances in life to discover oneself. Describing the age period of 15 years to 23 years is as a discovery channel, he said, “This is the time when you have to be open and vulnerable to everything. Take a chance and participate in activities. Discover your likes and dislikes. As this age passes, you will comparatively close yourself and stay restricted to a few things. So, this is the only time you can discover what you really like.” Citing several incidents of his life, he spoke about how he discovered himself as a dancer.

“The energies within you are also important. If you are not happy about who you are and how you are feeling, how are you going to deal with whatever you are thrown at every day?” said Terence. He said he believes in the concept of the three deities: Laxmi – money, Saraswati – intellect and Durga – energy. “Laxmi is very important in life but can only sustain with Saraswati and Durga. Hence, the energies within you are very important. That is the reason you need to be clear and happy about what you choose to do,” he said.

Principal Nandkumar Sawant addressed the gathering and said that Parvatibai Chowgule College began celebrating Founder’s Day since 2010. “It is the birth anniversary of our founder and visionary late Vishwasrao Chowgule,” said Sawant. The annually held award ceremony was also held at the event.