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‘I don’t make a great tiatr spectator’

Tiatrist Sheron Gonsalves from Carmona chats with NT BUZZ about how she was introduced to the tiatr stage, why she enjoys negative roles, and her preference for competition tiatrs


Sheron Judicia Dias e Gonsalves wasn’t a big fan of tiatrs as a child. “I don’t know why, but I never liked watching tiatrs as a child. Even today I don’t make a great tiatr spectator. Although I do catch a few tiatrs, I don’t watch as many as other tiatr lovers do,” she admits.

The Carmona-based artiste however was always active on the stage. As a student, she participated in skits, plays, and dramas for annual gatherings at Sacred Heart of Jesus High School, Carmona, and also for the Catechetical Day. She was always encouraged by her teachers to participate in cultural activities and this reduced her stage fear. When a child discovers her passion towards a particular field and gets all the support from people, he or she becomes confident and performs even better, says Sheron. And indeed, she quickly gained fame for her acting and singing skills in her village.

Every Catechetical Day, Sheron would sing kaantaras written by Gabriel Fernandes. It was on one such performance, post her marriage and after becoming a mother, that Xavier Rebello spotted her and approached her to work in his Kala Academy Competition Tiatr ‘Abras’ in 2011. This was followed by other competition tiatrs such as ‘Baguel’ (2012), ‘Sath Somdir’ (2013), ‘Dhaan’ (2015), all by Xavier Rebello.

Tiatr director, Jose Fernandes took note of this young actress and offered her a role in his tiatr ‘Hanv Tuzo Tum Mhozo Dev Somestancho’ in 2016. This opened doors for her career in commercial tiatrs. Besides competition and commercial tiatrs, Sheron has also performed in Khell tiatrs under director Sansil de Benaulim from 2015-2018 and bagged second place at Kala Academy Kantaram Competition (Duet) in 2016 thus proving her talent in singing.

However with a job in the sales department at a supermarket in Mobor and her household responsibilities to attend to, Sheron says that she can only perform in limited tiatrs. “Star cast commercial tiatrs have shows on daily basis. I cannot perform in many commercial tiatrs at a time, nor can I go for regular rehearsals owing to work pressure and household tasks. Hence, I give more importance to competition tiatrs that have limited shows,” she states.

And according to her competition tiatrs have a pattern of direction which is missed sometimes in commercial tiatrs. There is a difference in the acting and dressing styles too. Competition tiatrs, she says, allows an actor to be natural and genuine while performing, and the costume is as per the scene and situation. She reveals that she once played a role in a commercial tiatr that had a scene in the house, but she had to wear bright and formal clothes. A competition tiatr house scene on the other hand permits casual cotton outfits.

And although she has performed positive and negative roles, she enjoys performing the latter more and in fact believes that she can perform the role of an antagonist better.

Even so, she does not have any expectations about the kind of roles she gets in tiatrs.

“I am so passionate about acting and singing that I don’t mind performing any kind of role that comes my way. There are times I got an offer for lead role, and then a side role. I don’t mind performing them too, provided it doesn’t affect my work hours,” she says, adding that she attempts every offer that comes her way and tries her best to do justice to her role.

“All praises to Lord Almighty, Mother Mary, Jesus, angels and saints for blessing me with this talent. My family and friends has always supported and encouraged me, especially my daughter. Credit also goes to my boss at work, and mentor Andrew, my school teachers, my directors and co-artistes who cooperated at every stage. Also my tailor who gives my outfits an elegant look and making me feel confident and beautiful to perform on stage,” she says.

Sheron has recently also performed short roles in two Konkani movies that will be released soon. As of now, she is enjoying performing negative and positive roles in tiatrs. She says that she has no plans of getting into writing or direction, and she believes that singing and acting are her prime fortes.

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