Monday , 25 June 2018
‘I can’t keep Goa out of my writing’ says Rohan Govenkar

‘I can’t keep Goa out of my writing’ says Rohan Govenkar


A romantic-comedy thriller:  ‘Oh My Goddess’ by Rohan Govenkar was recently released by artist Subodh Kerkar in the presence of publisher at Frontier India Technology, Joseph Chacko at Sanskruti Bhavan, Patto.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest, Subodh Kerkar said: “A good book not only talks but listens to its reader and Rohan has always worked to connect with his readers. Every one of us should read. It is very essential to read because it helps us connect with the society and also helps to understand the general character of people at large.”

Rohan earlier released his first book ‘1000 Kilograms of Goa’ in 2015 and this is his second book ‘Oh My Goddess’.

Sharing his journey, Rohan said: “This was a story I came across during my college days. It is a romantic comedy thriller which is based in Goa. There is something about this place that I cannot keep it out of my writing. There is always an instance that will have the Goa essence in it.”

He also said that he was very inspired by Aghatha Christie’s work which he had read in his childhood. The second novel ‘Oh My Goddess’ was inspired by the response he received on his first book.

Publisher at Frontier India Technology, Joseph P Chacko also spoke about various issues pertaining to publishing a book and why there is a need to write for the market. He said: “the publishing industry is rapidly evolving, and it is important for authors to promote their work in today’s world by changing the rules of the game. They need to be in the market and work towards connecting and targeting the pulse of the readers.”

“It is not that once the author writes a novel his job is done. He has to make his content strong. Try and identify the things that catch the attention of the readers and see what can be done to promote the book,” added Chacko.

The book is based on Naveen who likes Jessica, a beautiful looking girl. Unfortunately, she turns out to be the daughter of his millionaire boss. Though Naveen believes that the chances are less of her falling for an ordinary, middle-class boy, they end up getting locked up together, isolated from the outside world. Obsessed Naveen hires goons to nab Jessica, and fakes his own kidnapping and keep both of them as hostages in a rented, plush villa in Aldona village.

The motive is disguised as ransom. While Naveen tries to make quality time with the terrified Jessica, he notices that the villa has some of its own secrets that could annihilate his chances. The house happens to be a location for a horror video-prank set up by two mischievous boys from Mumbai, and is bugged with all sorts of gadgetry and ghoulish props. What happens next is pure adventure that the romantic comedy ‘Oh My Goddess!’ offers.

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