Friday , 24 May 2019
I cannot take any film lightly: Nushrat

I cannot take any film lightly: Nushrat

‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ star Nushrat Bharucha has made her way up through sheer perseverance. She will soon be seen with Rajkummar Rao in ‘Turram Khan’ and with Ayushmann Khurrana in ‘Dream Girl’. NT BUZZ caught up with her

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Pride, for Nushrat Bharucha is her legacy, work, and goodwill. Having just begun taking tiny footsteps in the world of fashion, the actress says she’s on a discovery mode as tries out new things. For her it’s more about the feeling of wearing an outfit than the outfit itself. She was in Goa to walk the ramp as the showstopper for Gauri and Nainika at the Blender’s Pride Magical Night fashion show


Excerpts from an interview


  1. After ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ (SKTKS) have people begun taking you seriously as an actor?

The real game changer for me and for most actors today is always going to be what numbers their film does. If you have a box office success, if your film is making money for everybody who is investing in you, that’s something that goes a long way for you as an actor. I genuinely feel that if you aren’t a good actor then there’s only going to be a short run in any case irrespective of the box office. If they didn’t take me seriously as an actor, I would have been on a very different path now. But I think the main change, in terms of how they look at me, happened because SKTKS did make the kind of money that it made.


  1. It’s not easy for newcomers in the industry. What were your struggles?

There is such great work, great actors, great performers, and great scripts in the industry nowadays that I feel it is going to be tough for any newcomer in any field related to the film industry. And it’s not only for newcomers. I have done four films, but to still continue to make a mark in every film that I do is difficult. I cannot take any role or any film lightly now because there is so much competition. Honestly, it is inspiring and I keep pushing myself. With every film I do, I feel like a newcomer. I started from scratch and built a new name altogether. I think everyone’s struggle is very individualistic. My struggle might not be a struggle for somebody else and similarly their struggle may not be a struggle for me. We all have our barriers and shortcomings which are struggles that we have to constantly keep at.


  1. It’s not easy to make friends in an industry filled with competition. Comment.

Making friends has nothing to do with the industry. I feel making really good friends is always going to be difficult because the more you start working and the more preoccupied you are, the less time you have to give those relationships. I think people in the film industry are really friendly and welcoming. But it’s just that when we are doing a film or any work, we are cut-off from everything else.


  1. Who were your initial friends? How have things changed since then?

I think I have had the longest lasting friendships with these four girls who were in school with me. A friend of mine has been there with me since standard IV. It’s crazy that one section of my life has seen friends that are that thick. I also have friend who I know for 6-8 months, we do a film and then we are all busy in our lives and then I don’t know them for years. I still consider everybody who has been with me in my life and was close at a point and not in touch now, as friends.


  1. You’ve recently wrapped up shooting ‘Dream Girl’. Could you tell us a bit about the film and your experience working with Ayushmaan?

‘Dream Girl’ was a lot of fun to work on. It was my first film with the director, and Ayushmaan, and from the first brief we had I knew it was going to be a commercial comedy film. I think the key to doing comedy well is to enjoy what you are doing there, enjoy the act, dialogues, chemistry, stupidity and the madness happening on set and just have fun. It was great working with Ayushmaan, he is a thorough gentleman.


  1. You’ve also worked with Rajkummar Rao. What was it like working with a talented actor like him?

Raj and I began our film careers together with ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha’. Because we did our first film together we share those few experiences of the industry, success, and positive and bad criticism. Like I said earlier, certain friends who share certain moments of my life are close to my heart and I don’t think I’ll share that with anyone else. So, it’s the same with Raj. He will always be one of first few people I will call if I want anything. To be able to get a chance to work with him again, now, at a time like this, is outstanding.


  1. What’s next?

The first three months after SKTKS, everyone began asking me, ‘what’s next’, and I keep saying, ‘I don’t know’. I mean it’ll happen and I’ll tell you. I don’t really sit and pre-plan too many things. I feel that’s the magic, for me, of this industry. It just falls in place and I am very glad because of ‘Turram Khan’ and ‘Dream Girl’. I am just going to wait for something interesting.