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How’s the festival treating them?

We have seen five movies so far and they were excellent. It definitely lived up to my expectations. The entire ambience, the entire arrangement was all very well organised. It’s just our second day so we haven’t had time to see anything else besides films. But I think that as a city, this is just the perfect venue to set up this festival – the weather is great, very well arranged and so festive! I don’t know if it’s always like this, but it’s so nice to see the entire stretch lit up. There’s music. It’s so vibrant and beautiful. The rickshaw services, the online booking, and other facilities, too, have made things so much easier.

Sangita Parmar, Mumbai

I really like the atmosphere here – being in the presence of so many delegates and cinema enthusiasts. The films have also been very well selected. I’ve enjoyed everything about the festival so far. It is well organised and planned. I’ve been to the festival before, and it is different every year and that’s always pleasant to see. I enjoyed the exhibitions and art stalls, too.

Raj Mangalvedhekar, Kolhapur

There are a few hitches, for example; the organisation is poor so much so that the delegates are suffering. The rush line starts when the movie starts. So we have to enter after the movie has already begun, a lot of seats are left vacant – it’s a mess.

Apart from that, the atmosphere is really nice. I have been to the festival before, and I was looking forward to it this year being the fiftieth anniversary. I’m an actor and writer, so my main focus here is the films. I attended one of the workshops yesterday, which was one of the best things I have attended so far. Another attraction about the festival is that you get the opportunity to meet the stalwarts of the film industry and interact with them – and hopefully they remember you in the future.

Devakrishna, Kerala

I just landed here on the 21st and I am here exclusively for the films. In fact, I’ve been coming here for the past five years. I am a serious film enthusiast from Kerala, so for me it’s all about the films at IFFI. We come every year for the festival, and enjoy the film community here.

Dayashankar, Kerala

We watch at least two films a day. But other than films, the food is excellent. Also, I really love how they have decorated the place, especially the promenade. The stalls set up by the Goa College of Art, too, are very nice. As far as the organisation is concerned, I still think there is scope for improvement. Other than that, it’s fantastic this year and we are enjoying every bit of it.

Uday Phal, Dona Paula

This is my second time at IFFI. I watch at least two or three films daily – the films this year are really great, the selection is great – they are women-oriented – at least the ones I have seen. I have walked around the promenade and it’s so nice to see it all lit up – actually right from the Panaji bridge itself. The décor this year, too, is really good. It’s minimalistic and simple.

Shraddha Kelkar, Sanquelim

I’m a mass media student from Mumbai and I’m here mainly to enjoy films and to learn more about films. Besides films, what have I enjoyed so far? Beer (laughs). No, I really enjoy the vibe here. This is my second year at the festival – and although compared to last year it does seem a bit dull – I think the vibe is really great. We are looking forward to the rest of the festival.

Akash Kamble, student, Mumbai

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