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Hospicio dialysis unit can continue operations as HC gives interim relief




The dialysis unit located at the Hospicio Hospital in Margao was given interim relief by the High Court of Bombay at Goa on Wednesday with regard to a petition filed by Dr Venkatesh, the doctor, who runs the dialysis unit.

The High Court has said that the unit would be allowed to continue its operations with its present arrangement.

The dialysis unit at the Hospicio Hospital was the scene of a fire that occurred last month. Following the fire incident, electricity to the building that housed the unit was disconnected. However, Dr Venkatesh restarted the unit using a transformer for a day and then by resorting to an electricity line from a nearby reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant. During the

week following the fire, the doctor said attempts were made to stop power to the unit.

Hospicio Hospital medical superintendent had said she was unwilling to start the unit in the building, as it posed risk to the patients. Dr Venkatesh, however, filed a petition in the High Court asking for restoration of power to the unit.

Speaking to this daily, Dr Venkatesh said though interim relief has been given, another hearing has been scheduled in the next week during which time, he hopes power is restored to the unit.

“The court has today said that we are to continue the unit with the present arrangement of power line from the RO plant. I have also been informed that my petition for immediate reconnection of electricity would be heard on July 17 along with another PIL that was filed on the delay in starting the new district hospital in Margao,” said Dr Venkatesh.

In his petition, Dr Venkatesh has prayed for an impartial judicial inquiry into the fire incident. He has also prayed for reconnection of the inverter to the dialysis unit and for an order that the dialysis unit should not be stopped. The doctor has also prayed for an amount of Rs 25,000 to be paid for the loss of consumables and injections in the fire and requested for the deployment of security personnel for the safety of patients.


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