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Hopes and aspirations for 2019

Hopes and aspirations for 2019

The New Year has just begun and for many it is a time for new beginnings. A time when hope and desire to better one’s self goes hand-in-hand with determination. NT KURIOCITY caught up with some youngsters to find out their aspirations for the year ahead.

Maria Fernandes | NT Kuriocity

For most of us the beginning of the new year holds a great deal of psychological significance because we tend to associate newness with change and positivity. New Year gives us time and a goal date to prepare for the change and get fired up for the shifts we plan to make. It is a time we believe that the promises we make ourselves have a chance of survival. Resolutions may range from a small lifestyle change like jogging every day, joining the gym, spending more time with family or simply concentrating on one’s studies or career or taking a dream vacation.

“Since the last three years I have been promising myself to focus on my studies and less on parties however things didn’t end up the way I wanted them to. This year thaough, it will be different as I am now in the final year. I know I have just a few months to prepare for my finals and get serious about my future,” shares Abhay Shetye, a commerce student. Doing well academically is on the cards for many and as Leanne who is aspiring to study medicine, says: “I have been studying throughout the year and during the festive season even took a break for a couple of days but now I have got back to my routine.”

Getting into shape is another priority and like Abbas Beig, a first year Arts student, joining the gym and adhering to a diet is what many are hoping for. “I have been saying, I want to get fit but I always find ways to put it off. My excuse every year is I have no time but I am well aware that if I really put my mind to it, I can make time. This year I intend doing it and have already started with my plan,” adds Abbas. “Last year my cousin participated in a marathon and I was so inspired, I promised myself I would do it too. So this year I am going to start with my training and hopefully will be prepared for it by next year,” says Ryle Monteiro, a BBA student.

Besides getting in shape and staying fit, the other most common resolution over approximately a third of the population is losing weight. No matter what one’s body type is, every third person’s goal is to lose weight and January is the month when fitness centres/gyms garner the most business and patrons. “Mirchi, burgers, cutlet bread are a part of my staple diet during the day in college and this year I have promised myself to quit eating thrash and concentrate on healthy options. This along with exercises will help me lose the excessive weight which I have put on,” says Jaden Pereira.

Learning something new or going on an adventurous trip is another biggie on the list. Presley wants to learn German while Prabhav wants to be able to play the guitar. “Learning to play an instrument requires commitment and practice and even though I tried, I did not get the time to pursue this wish last year. This year I will follow through and hope for the best,” he adds.

“I love travelling but my parents are not always willing to give me permission. I have travelled to many places with my school and college but this year I have already convinced my parents to let me travel with my friends. I want to go to Sikkim as I have heard and read so much about it. The planning has already begun and I am very focused on making this trip a reality and a success,” shares Huzefa Paltaniwala.

The focus for youngsters like Abhilasha Sinha, a post graduate student, is on personal growth. “We youngsters get so busy with unimportant things that we forget all about personal growth and internalizing positivity. Neither do we have time for spirituality nor social work. This year I intend to get involved in volunteer work and have already begun visiting a small home for the aged. I also believe that parents and teachers along with schools and colleges should encourage children and youth to do volunteer work. This not only helps others but the self as well. It encourages caring, sharing and empathy.”

The list of personal hopes and aspirations is long but what is interesting is what youngsters want and believe will bring improvement for Goa and Goans. Vishal Kamat from Betim is of the opinion that for a better Goa we first need to give priority to cleanliness. “With the increase in local tourists, and the garbage piling everywhere, we are slowly heading towards disaster. It is so terrible to see our beautiful state going to the dogs. We all need to take a call and work together or before we know it we will become like another metropolitan city,” says Vishal. “According to me, traffic rules need to become stringent and authorities need to implement the same with a very firm hand. Wearing helmets and riding or driving over the speed limit should be taken very seriously. It is not just us youngsters who are at fault but taxi drivers and Kadamba bus drivers are sometimes worse. Rules should be the same for everyone if we want any positive change,” states Dipshika Parab, an engineering student.

For change to come about, most youngsters are of the opinion that change should start from within and as Zain Khan says, “We need to understand that if we want improvement, we first and foremost need to change ourselves. Instead of blaming others for the things around us we need to take responsibility for our own actions. Blaming others is very easy but to start with ourselves requires commitment and focus.” The change in mindset also applies to other matters says Brinelle Almeida, a high school student “Parents should also change their way of thinking and allow their children to explore new careers and opportunities. I want to pursue a career in journalism but my parents are dead against it as they believe only careers in medicine; engineering, etc are the lucrative ones. It is not just my parents but others as well you feel this way. They end up forcing their children to take up careers they don’t want. This leads to unhappiness and in some cases depression. For a better Goa, our youth should be in a better state of mind and only then can change come about.”

Being proactive, taking initiative and being the change is the clarion call for this year. So let’s join hands and work together for a better Goa!

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