Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Devotees venerate on Friday the reliquary containing a holy relic of St Anthony of Padua kept for veneration at the Chapel of Alverno Friary at Monte de Guirim 

Holy relics of St Anthony draw faithful to Monte de Guirim 


GUIRIM: Thousands of the faithful on Friday venerated one of the holy relics of St Anthony of Padua that have been kept at the Chapel of Alverno Friary at Monte de Guirim.

The two original sacred relics – a fragment of St Anthony’s petrified flesh in a bust and his smallest rib in a reliquary – were brought for veneration and blessing. The reliquaries have been brought to Goa for the first time.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, provincial minister of St Anthony   Capuchin Province, Goa, Fr Waldheim Rodrigues said that there are many devotees of St Anthony who is known for miracles.

This is the first time that the holy relics have been brought to Goa and third time in India.

The reliquaries were brought from Bangalore to Goa on a flight.

The reliquaries containing holy relics will be kept at the chapel till Saturday morning.  They will be taken to Navelim on Saturday at 11.30 am, and thereafter to Chennai.

The reliquaries will be taken to Kolkata, and later to Sri Lanka.

The remains of the saint will be taken back to Italy on March 21, 2018. The relics had also been taken to non-Catholic countries last year. They were also taken to Bangladesh, a Muslim country, where they were   venerated, Fr Alessandro Ratti said.

Organisers made good arrangements for parking vehicles. The faithful were seen walking for a distance of a kilometre to the chapel, which is the first chapel of the Capuchin Fathers in Goa.

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