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Hike in fare price, again?

The All Goa Private Bus Owners Association recently demanded a hike in fare price. NT BUZZ spoke to daily commuters to know about their opinion on the same

The All Goa Private Bus Owners Association has recently demanded that the bus fare should be hiked to `10 for the first three kilometres and then  `5 after every 8 kilometres. With buses on Mapusa-Panaji and Calangute-Panaji and vice versa having already been given a kilometre-wise hike, The association has now demanded uniformity in distribution of subsidy to all other buses plying on different routes in Goa as it was difficult for the owners to bear the cost of increasing prices of diesel, oil, spare parts and other related services.


I support this initiative, as the bus fares across India are comparatively higher than what we are paying in Goa. Since we are suffering with the pathetic state of transport services, we hope by paying a little extra, we can have a better service. It is still a hope.”

Shikha Lagali, Margao


I think the bus fare should be the same because a sudden rise in the bus fare will be very difficult for the daily travellers to adjust as it might affect their daily travelling expenses. As for the salaried person it becomes difficult to adjust their monthly budget for travelling.”

Sunil Bhonsule, St Inez


It’s not a good initiative since it’s been observed that demand of 42 per cent rise is on the higher side, an increase of 20-30 per cent rise would have been reasonable. Further government should take some initiative to provide subsidy to the private bus owners. At present, the overall increase in consumer goods is a burden on common man, any increase in bus fares will affect them.”

Steven Fernandes, Alto- Dabolim


An increase in the bus fare to `10 from the earlier price of  `7 is not justified. Firstly because the buses don’t leave on time and they waste a lot of time at one stop. Secondly, they fill up the bus and it gets jammed packed. They do this just to make extra money which is not right. They don’t adhere by the rule of 11 standing. They fill it up till 20 which is not at all right on their part.

Calrin Fernandes, Sanvordem


I think increasing the bus fare to `10 is fine, only if the private buses are going to leave on time without creating a ruckus. Nowadays, the ticket being seven rupee we have to carry change with us every time we travel as to get that `3 back from a conductor is a big task. Firstly, they complain that they don’t have change or simply make unnecessary comments to avoid paying back the remaining money.


Shraddha Kelkar, Sanquelim

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