Thursday , 25 April 2019

High tea time at IHM Goa

IHM Goa had a high tea event with a different theme each day. It was an excellent and practical way for students of the first year B Sc in H & HA to learn about event management and how to deal with guests.

The themes for the high tea days were Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Travel, and The Good Old Days. The food served was also prepared by first years and consisted of five items of cookery and five items of bakery.

The food was served in an all you can eat buffet set-up. The snack-based or finger foods were served along with three to four types of teas. The cookery team handled hot foods which included two non-vegetarian dishes and three vegetarian dishes while the bakery team handled desserts and sweets.

The high tea service team was divided into four departments – sales and marketing, décor and setup, entertainment and service.

On the day of service each batch was divided into six sections – service, buffet, pantry, entertainment, AV room and registration. As it was a buffet setup the service team handled only the service of teas. The buffet team was responsible for portion and quantity control over the food and they made sure that everyone was served to their limits. The pantry team took care of the making teas and the inventory check of items used and taken by the F&B department. The entertainment and AV team provided entertainment. Table assignment and guest registration was handled by the registration team. The high tea was sold out with around 80 people.

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