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Helping children learn the mother tongue

Helping children learn the mother tongue

Abhinav Creationz, a venture that deals with marketing of books and conducting various activities for children will be conducting Konkani learning course for primary students for the first time. NT KURIOCITY speaks to partner, Abhinav Creationz, Anwesha Singbal and finds out more


“Mother tongue is something that keeps you rooted and you always need to know the same. It is known that learning in your mother tongue especially at primary level is essential to develop a child’s thinking in the best possible manner,” says partner, Abhinav Creationz, Anwesha Singbal who along with translator, Sneha Sabnis and writer and activist, Ratnamala Divkar will be conducting Konkani learning course for primary students starting from July 6 at Margao.

Speaking about this maiden course, Anwesha says: “It is essentially something that the parents themselves suggested. We have been conducting a lot of holiday camps and activities like storytelling in schools. We met parents there who requested us to start something that will help children to improve their language,” adding that since she is closely associated with organisations promoting the Konkani language, she thought it would be a great idea to be out into practice.

The course will cover regular school syllabus and a detail study of all the syllabus used by Goa Board, CBSE and ICSE boards. The syllabus will be a combination of all these. Major focus will be to develop the language as a whole and since the curriculum is in devanagari in all Goan schools, the course will deal with devanagari script only. However mediums like storytelling, poetry and even art and craft will be used to assist the children.

Focus will also be on improving reading habits of the children which will in turn help them to build the language skills.

Study material like books, primers, grammar books, practice sheets and also reading materials will be provided during the course.

Elaborating on how they plan to use mediums like poetry, stories, and art to improve the language skills, Anwesha says: “Poetry is a strong medium that helps children enjoy language through rhythm and music.” Children will be taught poems that are rooted in their surroundings while also encouraging them to develop their own new poems.

Talking about how storytelling has developed over the course of the several summer camps and regular activity sessions in schools, she says: “If there is a story dealing with emotions, we will have a drawing or a craft activity to supplement the same. We form stories by giving a bunch of words or use stories to make drawings. We complete half stories, change and twist the ends,” adding that several such activities help children to think, innovate and develop original ideas.

The venture also conducts book exhibitions in schools and workshops in creative writing, theatre, calligraphy and history. Anwesha says that one of the major observations at the exhibition is the stark contrast between the choice of children and parents or teachers. “The children prefer books with pictures or book that suit their age groups however parents want value for money in terms of quantity. They want books with many stories or some parents do not even appreciate books with stories. They want only educational books for children and this has confirmed our belief that the reading habit is not dying because of the children but because of the elders,” she adds.

While some people feel that Konkani today has been neglected at all levels as most of our correspondence is in English, she says that it is not really true: “A lot of organisations and individuals are working for its progress and development. However due to our colonial past, English holds prominence in government departments.”

She concludes by saying that there is an increasing trend to use local languages and the official language department is doing its bit to translate all major government papers into Konkani.


(The course will be held every Friday and Saturday. For enrolment and more details, contact: 9923442746/ 9172112293)

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