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Hello Ms Fonseca, Ms Nimbupani

By Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

After having worked in the field of animation, visual effects and 3D films for a decade, filmmaker, Milind Kuri decided he wanted to explore animation direction. “Having learnt the concept and knowing the technicalities well enough, I wanted to test myself and hence quit my job to start my very own studio – Esham Studio”, says Milind, whose directorial debut in animated short films, ‘Pensov – Do The Good’, won the first prize at IFFI 2012 for Best Animation in the Chota Cinema Section. The short film that went on to become an unlimited animation series, won the director 15 Indian awards and 3 international awards.

For his second project, Kuri has chosen to develop the works of eminent cartoonist late Mario Miranda into an animation series, the Intellectual Property rights for which have been acquired through the Mario Miranda Gallery. “Architect Gerard da Cunha has not just been following up on the project but is also adding value by working closely with the team”, says Milind.

Sharing details about the series, Milind says: “I was born and brought up in Goa, and Mario Miranda has always been an inspiration. Though I am trying to find a producer to fund the project, the sole motive is not about making money; it is also about paying homage to the legend who filled our lives with humour.”

Each episode will run for 11 minutes and a season will have 13 such episodes. A total of four seasons will bring to life Miranda’s 200 to 300 characters on a medium different from what they were created on. “Each character will have an individual identity. Besides creating a recall value by animating these eternal characters, people will be able to associate themselves with the characters that resemble so many of us in so many different ways. After all, emotions don’t change, only perspectives do”, Milind says.

Though the response Milind has received at the Film Bazaar organised by National Films Development Corporation (NFDC) on the sidelines of 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has been overwhelming, he is waiting for a likeminded person to carry this vision of his forward as it is not just a commercial venture, but one that deals will a legacy and emotions.

The animated series will of course have voice-over in Konkani to maintain the original flavour, but will be adapted into various other languages considering Mario Miranda’s fan following across the globe. While the team is still doing research they hope to release thirteen episodes by 2015 irrespective of whether they find a producer or not.

Kuri says that while he hopes he and his team is worthy of animating the works of the genius, he understands that the project is a serious responsibility and that they would have to ensure that they deliver in terms of quality, standard, humour and, of course, authenticity and original flavour.

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