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Healing through yoga

“Scientists have acknowledged that yoga promotes peace of mind, reduces stress, enhances memory and keeps you healthy and has been accepted by allopathy as well,” said Virendra Gaonkar. He was speaking on the occasion of the inaugural function of Swasthya-Yog. Gaonkar further stated that regular practice of yoga keeps you away from anxiety and depression.

Swasthya-Yog was inaugurated by the pediatrician, Virendra Gaonkar in the presence of professor, Anil Samant; yoga instructors, Vaishnavi Parab and Atharv Parab and Pravin Gaonkar of Swastik. “Parents should compulsorily enroll their children in yoga classes instead of giving them mobile phones to play with and make it a routine from the very beginning,” Gaonkar added. Explaining the importance of yoga on this occasion, Samant said that college youth should take up yoga and practice it regularly in order to develop their own personality thereby participating in nation building. He also congratulated Swastik on their commendable work till date. Vaishnavi Parab further explained how yoga, pranayama and meditation will be taught to children, adults and senior citizens.

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