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From creating jingles, the FC Goa theme song and working on film, Goan musician Mukesh Ghatwal has always let his work speak. His rearranged version of the song ‘Hanv Saiba Poltoddi Vetam’ has created a buzz on the internet especially among Goan netizens, taking them on a nostalgic ride. NT BUZZ gets talking to this talented musician

‘Hanv Saiba Poltoddi Vetam…’

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

Mandos, Dulpods and Dekhnis have been an important aspect of Goan music, art and culture. And there are few like ‘Hanv Saiba Poltoddi Vetam’ that is sung by the young and old… not just in school, but for family gatherings, picnics and more.

Taking this music tradition to another level – with the aim of preserving our culture, St Estevam-based musician and singer, Mukesh Ghatwal has added yet another feather to his cap. A simple idea, redone, is what ‘Hanv Saiba Poltoddi Vetam’ is all about.

Ghatwal says: “This is a popular Goan song done differently. The song and music is rearranged in such a way that one feels relaxed and refreshes memories of village life in Goa, which is slowly fading away.” The song, slow-paced easy listening, has been purposefully done… “If one listens to the song, one can literally feel the pleasing, dreamy sequence through the music, besides bringing back memories of good old days among the Goan diaspora who miss our beautiful Goa,” he says.

Ghatwal has been singing for a long time, for bands, jingles, and festivals. He never seems to run out of work, loves doing things on his own terms based on his mood, and only when his heart and soul are immersed in something, a lot of original music comes flowing.

Speaking about how he was inspired to do this song he says: “Some friends were singing this song for a birthday party, and suddenly a senior citizen who was there burst into tears. It was a speechless moment for me, and didn’t let me to move ahead in composing any music that night. It left me disturbed and I simply started playing the song and singing it, I then recorded it with my music.” This song he states is made with love, emotions and magical moments.

It was just left there and Ghatwal immersed himself in his other musical works, until a few months later in October when he was listening to his old songs, film director, Sainath Parab walked into his home studio and heard the song. “When I told Sainath that I wanted to shoot a video of the song, he readily agreed. He is responsible for the brilliant DOP work, while the concept has been designed by my wife Celesta Saldanha,” he says

The video has been shot in the picturesque island village St Estevam. Besides Ghatwal, the cast in the song include all locals who readily agreed when asked on the day of the shoot. He believes that the song strikes a chord and makes a point, being local to the core, and thus his friends Vijay Menezes, Roland Afonso, Francis Gomes, Sheldon Alphonso and Molivoi Silveira are also in the video. And the three ladies featured are Smita Naik, Pradnya Naik, and Pooja Naik.

Ghatwal, in a previous interview with NT BUZZ said that he likes to grow and experiment with music, different genres, and creates his own genre. This music video is yet another expression of his music talent and passion for creating local music. The different instruments he has used in the song include the guitar, recorder, keyboards, drums, etc.

The video has had close to 3000 views on YouTube and has been shared across social media sites by Goans. The soulful song depicts a typical village scene, where mackerels are roasted in hay, and people asking a fisherman to ferry them to the other side of the river to attend Damu’s wedding. Talking about these scenes, Ghatwal tells us that the mackerel scene was improvised on the spot and arranged by his friend Lovely Vijay Menezes, while the boat scene was arranged by Roland Afonso.

Ghatwal says: “Just like how people in the village are ever willing to help, my friends too have been a great support system in my life and have done their bit to propel my music career to greater heights,” he says.

Ghatwal says that he has another couple of refurbished old Goan folk songs that will be released soon; he also has another video song coming up based on an original composition. Ghatwal has played with pop singer Remo for over 15 years and has been actively involved with Goan tableaus at the Republic Day parade, this shows how he is connected to Goan music.

Talking about why he infuses modern beats and music to old folk songs Ghatwal says: “The reason I have done the song with a modern twist is not to tamper with the identity or heritage of the past, but as nowadays most of our youth is fascinated with modern music, I feel the best way to present and preserve our Goan folk songs and to reach out to our youth by giving the music a modern touch, sans destroying its cultural identity.”

As he concludes he tells us that while creating music, his ultimate aim remains to create a different genre of Goan music using various folk instruments that haven’t been highlighted enough.

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