Monday , 25 June 2018

“Handmade jewelry also helps in giving employment to artisans”

Having been pioneers in jewelry industry with legacy of nearly two centuries, Purushottam Narayan Gadgil (PNG) stepped up presence in Goa burgeoning gold market recently with launch of its second store in Margao. Here, Saurabh Gadgil, chairman and the managing director, PNG Jewelers, speaks to Roque Dias on various issues. He says that, PNG’s gold deposit scheme and free  gold weighing and polishing will become popular with many gold loving Goans

 Q: You have opened a second jewelry  store in Margao. How will it be different  from others?

Goan are artistic. They love designed gold.  We had Goan customers coming to our Pune jewelry store.  They demanded that we open a store. Two years ago we opened our first outlet in Panaji.  Film actress Raveena Tandon inaugurated it.  Today, in Margao too she did the opening. I know there is a challenge in finding a space in Goa’s gold market. Nevertheless I have accepted it and now plan to mark my presence. The  new store is a  logical milestone in the course of our 185  year old  journey which is synonymous with able  craftsmanship,  purity,  endurance and  trust.  Gold enthusiasts approach PNG Jewelers with  the belief that they will receive  value for money in every way.

 Q: Unlike your competitors, PNG still  encourages  hand-made  jewelry. Why is it so?

We do both, machine jewelry as well as handmade jewelry.  Wherever human  intervention is needed we go  for it.  Casting finger rings, chains, stone, diamond setting are normally  done  by hands.  We offer a wide range of ornaments and artifacts made of silver, pearl, diamonds and precious stones besides the  gold.  PNG believes that continuation of handmade jewelry also helps in giving employment to gold artisans.


  Q: Your first 185 years old  jewelry store in  Sangli  is still  well maintained. What  is the secret behind it?

I am told  that my  forefathers  first  sold gold along the roadside in  Sangli. That time there were no stores. Gold was weighed in  kilos and  sold on the  roadside like any other items.  One gram of gold was sold for one rupee.  This was time when my forefather thought of starting the jewelry store. Our brilliant success saga in the history of  jewelry in India  began in the year  1832   at Sangli and later  Dajikaka Gadgil   took the brand  to  newer heights with his creative  instincts. Today, we have 20 branches across the country and also in the USA and Dubai. People have reposed faith in us. It is the foundation of our expansion in jewelry stores and  other related businesses.


 Q: Goans are found of jewelry. Since you are in the Goan market since last few  years tell us  about the  kind of  gold Goans prefer?

Goans  are  proud of Gold.  They mostly prefer artistic and well designed jewelry and never bother about the price. I met many  Goans  friends in Kuwait and  Dubai who are  found of  artistic  gold and other  precious stones.  Goans also like value driven investments. We have developed their taste in well designed jewelry and won their trust. PNG is now the choice in Goa. With the opening of the  new store in Margao our service will be extended to the people of  south Goa.


Q: But in recent times, there is threat of  robberies in Goa …

PNG has  a solution to it. We have gold deposit scheme and that  can  lessen the  risk factor. There are other supporting  gold  schemes  to help the common man  in saving their money.  People can opt for   gold at the present rates  for their children and  can  pay it in installments. We  also  do free testing and  polishing. We are trying  to help the people here in the best way we can.

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