Wednesday , 25 April 2018

GST implementation being done properly: Centre




GST launched on July 1, is well accepted by the people, claimed CR Chaudhary, Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, on Friday.

On a visit to Goa for a GST outreach programme, he cited, the zooming Sensex as indication of GST’s acceptance.

Chaudhary said, “Growing Sensex reveals that GST is a success and people feel the implemented is being done properly.”

Addressing members of industry, the union minister revealed that lot of prior planning had gone to implement GST correctly.

Around 50,000 officers were trained before the launch and 4,500 trainings sessions conducted in different places.

“The government did not back track on the implementation and launched the tax on scheduled date unlike the previous UPA government that could not put GST into action,” he pointed out.

Chaudhary like other BJP ministers is travelling around several states to disseminate awareness on GST. He said that people are having lot of misconceptions about the tax. Sale of personal gold jewelry for melting and to make new ornaments will not attract GST, he clarified.

The union minister pointed out that, GST is essential for the development of the country and necessary to grow parallel with other developed countries. “We live in dynamic times where people are too busy to pay multiple taxes and can only pay a single tax- GST,” he said.

The outreach programme was attended by   K Anapazhakan, commissioner of customs and central excise, Deepak Bandekar, commissioner of commercial taxes- Goa, SK Sinha, additional commissioner of customs, Atreya Sawant, chairman, CII-Goa, Manguirish Raiker, chairman, MSME Council and Jack Sukhija, member, TTAG.

K Anapazhakan, said that, GST is expected to reduce administrative cost of companies by four-five per cent and to that extent the prices will reduce. The price reduction through GST will take time but it will occur eventually, he said. The commissioner added that GST has made check posts redundant and enabled smooth movement of goods across states.

Bandekar reiterated that, commercial tax officers are on field visits “doing hand holding” for dealers to make the smooth transition.

The government has launched a GST rate App where users can find out the tax rate on different goods and services. It was pointed out in the programme that tax payers have to file only 12 monthly returns under GST and not 36 returns as presumed. Further most of the online filing is auto generated and simple.


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