Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Green to the fore

Migel Braganza

The Green Revolution of the second half of the 1960s, after the disastrous Indo-Pakistan war of 1965 devastated the land of Punjab [now including Haryana], helped increased the production of cereals like rice and the newly introduced wheat cultivation to feed the nation. It was good but came at a huge price of spreading incurable cancer. The train from Bhatinda to Bikaner is locally known as the ‘Cancer Express’ because it ferries a large number of cancer patients to the hospital in Bikaner and back.

The world is growing ‘organic’ now and the three day exhibition at the Duler Farm of the Zonal Agriculture Office (Z.A.O.) Mapusa, starting today is focused on what the farmers are already doing in Goa, especially in the North Goa District. Visit it on Goa’s Liberation Day and free yourself of the thought that agriculture is not sustainable or economical in Goa. Meet the people who are making profits by appropriate marketing of their produce. Mapusa even has a Section 25 Farmer Producer Company that has marketed rice in bulk this year and hopes to do so in retail in the coming years. The Ilha Verde Farmers’ Club is a part of this success story. It has earned profits in its very first year!

Organised by the Agriculture Technology Management Agency-North Goa, the Ela Farm based ATMA of the Directorate of Agriculture together with NABARD, the agriculture refinance bank; the exhibition is named the ‘Goa Krishi Kranti’. Chili seedlings will be among the things which will be on display and sale at the exhibition.

Besides this exhibition, Green Essentials has seedlings of salad greens and some herbs at Ambirna, near Socorro Church. Soon knoll-kohl, brinjal, chilli, marigold and other seedlings will begin arriving early on Friday mornings at Mapusa Market at the traditional spot behind Kissan Stores and St Francis Xavier Bakery. In another green initiative, The Botanical Society of Goa Home & Kitchen Garden competition is currently on. The gardens will be judged on Sundays 13 and 20 January next. Whats App or SMS your name and address to 9822982676 or email to to register by December 22 to get the guidelines. The competition is open to all and focuses on organic vegetable cultivation, composting, mulching and recycling of grey water.

People are slowly re-learning the benefits of natural and organic farming, free from toxic pesticides. Come, be a part of the success story.

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