Sunday , 24 February 2019

Govts Must Be Ready With Plans To Tackle Floods


Weather vagaries are not limited to one city or town in India. Now, it is the turn of the national capital Delhi and its surroundings (NCR or national capital region). Rain has pounded Delhi over the last week and people’s misery knew no bounds. Bridges collapsed and vehicles sunk. Roads caved in and traffic snarls were the order of the day. Arterial and service roads were hit and the regular advisories through tweets of the Delhi police considerably helped distraught citizens. It is the same old familiar story of choked drainage system and overflowing of water. It is quite obvious that the government was caught napping because the showers were not in excess of the previous year but the Delhi administration perhaps did not anticipate havoc on such a large scale. The warning of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) was not accorded the respect it deserved, and Delhiites suffered. Nature should be revered. The Delhi government erred in not gauging the rain fury beforehand. Areas susceptible to flooding should have been identified to put in place necessary preventive measures. The drainage system of the national capital needs a relook. If the existing drainage system is designed to hold a certain volume of sewage only, then alternative systems should be laid. The various departments concerned with mitigating the severity of destruction caused by rains should work in tandem. The public works department (PWD) under the Delhi government and the Delhi Nagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) under the Centre should bury the hatchet to redress people’s woes. Chalking out a comprehensive plan to cover all major cities of the country regarding limiting rain fury should be the priority for the governments.


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