Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Governor, CM extend Revolution Day greetings



Governor Mridula Sinha and Chief Minister Pramod Sawant have extended greetings to the people of Goa on the occasion of Goa Revolution Day.

The Governor in her message stated that “the Goa Revolution Day, which is being commemorated annually on June 18, has special significance for Goans as it was on this day, in the year 1946, Goans staged an open but peaceful revolt against the atrocities perpetrated on them by the Portuguese colonial regime.

The uprising marked the final stage of the freedom movement that culminated into the Libration of this part of the country.”     

The Governor also stated that the intervening period had witnessed an era of supreme sacrifice by the freedom fighters whereby many embraced martyrdom, and thousands of others went through untold hardships, torture and deportation.

On this occasion, I pay my humble homage to the martyrs and tributes to the freedom fighters, the Governor said.

Sawant has stated that Goa Revolution Day assumes significance as the day marks the beginning of a revolution that strengthened and gave a definitive direction to Goa’s freedom movement.

The Chief Minister further said that “Goa Revolution Day is also an appropriate occasion to remember the supreme sacrifices of known and unknown freedom fighters who shed their blood for the freedom of Goa from colonial rule.”

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Chandrakant Kavlekar has greeted the people of Goa on the occasion of Goa Revolution Day.

In his message, Kavlekar said, “Goa was invaded and under colonial rule of Portuguese since 16th century for about 450 years until liberated by the government of India under the able leadership of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.”

Kavlekar further said, “June 1946 is an unforgettable day for Goans as late Ram Manohar Lohia gave a clarion call to fight against the colonial rule of the Portuguese regime. This movement not only ignited the freedom struggle within Goa but also across India, especially, from Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is a day therefore, celebrated to remember and pay homage to the sacred memories of revered martyrs who laid their life for the Liberation of Goa, a state of the democratic republic of India with all powers and rights extended to the people of India to elect and select the governance of their choice within the rules and guidance of the Constitution of India.”

Kavlekar also stated, “Due to the efforts of the government of India, we succeeded in convincing the world about the atrocities and suppression of the people of Goa under the colonial rule of the Portuguese then invaded to liberate Goa, within 48 hours with the Governor of Portugal signing the instrument of surrender.”

“We, the Goans must be thankful and respectful to all the freedom fighters, especially, the martyrs,” he concluded.   

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