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Goa’s Sidhant to play in Neymar Jr’s Five World Final

Margao-based Sidhant Kanekar, who is a Neymar Jr fan, businessman and actor has won the opportunity to join #neymarjrsteam at the Neymar Jr’s Five World Final which will begin today in Praia Grande, Brazil. NT BUZZ has all the details


Sidhant Kanekar is all set to represent Goa in the third edition of World Final of Neymar Jr’s Five – a five-a-side football tournament which will be graced by the Brazilian star himself, Neymar Jr.

Earlier this year, Red Bull asked football fans – athletes and non-athletes – from around the world to submit the best photo, video or boomerang on Instagram along with a brief story as to why they deserved more than anyone else, the opportunity to join #neymarjrsteam at the Neymar Jr’s Five World Final. Sidhant’s entry was selected as one of six monthly semi-finalists in the support staff category before being selected as the top pick. “I got the style and moves just as good as Neymar and that’s exactly what I was telling her. And for everything else there is Red Bull,” was Sidhant’s winning response on Instagram along with the photo.

And Sidhant is both extremely nervous and excited to meet Neymar Jr stating that it’s like a dream come true for him. “I’m excited and can’t wait to meet Neymar and I’m definitely going to take a lot of selfies (laughs). I would love to speak to him and ask him about everything related to football; his skills, tips, his game style etc,” says Sidhant.

His family too is just as ecstatic for him. “They are very excited to hear all my stories and have already called me multiple times asking for live updates,” says Sidhant laughing.

Sidhant’s prize package includes a round-trip airfare to São Paulo, Brazil; transportation, hotel and meals; plus VIP access to all related team practices, parties and press events. Apart from this he hopes to do a lot of shopping and touring around and is looking forward to seeing the white-sand beaches, tropical islands and the colonial towns.

As he will get to play alongside a football star and participate in team activities before, during and after the finals, Sidhant has tried to prepare himself, though he says that it is not going to be easy to play along with him. He adds: “His style and game is next level and can’t be matched. I am just happy I am getting this incredible opportunity.”

And he is going to take a Goan souvenir for the football star too!  “I will probably meet him and find out what he likes first but I will take along some cashew nuts from Goa,” concludes Sidhant.

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