Friday , 19 April 2019
Goan FC lay emphasis on quality of players, not performance
QUALITY MATTERS: FC Goa technical director (R) oversees Goan FC team practice before the start of the Goa Professional League at Chowgule ground, Gogol, Margao

Goan FC lay emphasis on quality of players, not performance

PANAJI: Goan FC joined the Goa Football Association (GFA) Professional League with the aim of giving their recruits a platform to compete.

“The performance of the team won’t be different. The quality of players will be different,” stated FC Goa Technical Director, Derrick Pereira.

Goan FC finished fourth last season and the team’s performance swayed as per the availability of players. When Liston Colaco and Mohammad Nawaz played, a win was in the horizon. The story otherwise was of missed chances and opportunities not capitalised.

Goan FC have roped in Kapil Hoble and Nestor Dias from Dempo SC to bolster their team.

“We took in Kapil and Nestor because we saw talent in them and their ability to one day join the main team. The squad we have participating in the GPL is primarily a feeder squad to the main team. Competition helps them sharpen their skill,” averred Derrick while emphasising the rational of having a squad participating in GPL.

“I am sure the team will put up a better performance than last year not just because of the new signings but because the boys have shown improvement in the time they have been with us. Improvement is being evaluated,” stated Derrick.

“We do not expect much development from our players in the developmental squad as most boys have crossed the age of learning football. Football can be taught when a child is six or seven and not when he crosses fourteen. At the moment we are doing our best in developing whatever we can in our players. Do not expect big changes. Boys tend to make mistakes and will continue to do because they are not full time into football,” observed Derrick while underlining that fans are capable of seeing a repeat of mistakes of last season.

“It all depends on whether one has short term or long term perspectives. We are looking at things from a long view. What we have in hand is a short term programme. Results will come after a period of time and it is then that the quality of players that we produce will be different,” observes Derrick.

Goan FC began with 18 development players last season and the number has grown to 29 this year. Apart from the three picked up by their scouts, the rest have been promoted from their U-18 programme.

“Our focus now and in the past has been on development. I mean development of players. We are not focused on winning. Our focus is strictly on development and if we lose in the bargain it is not a big deal for us as winning is not our primary focus,” emphasised Derrick.

“If you focus to win, certain things need to change and we are not ready to undergo those changes just to win. We believe it is better to change our style of player development than change our style to win. We do what is good to develop players,” stressed Derrick.

“A few of our players from the development squad will be going along with the main team for practice in Spain. May be we will not have the full strength for the GPL during those days. Yet, we will give a much improved performance than last year,” predicted Derrick.

“We have made errors in the defence last season and failed to score upfront too. Making mistakes is part of growth and we are working with the boys in how to minimise those mistakes. We are having sessions with the boys on when and how to hold the ball, how to break defences and how to strengthen our own defence,” opined Derrick.

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