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Goan entertainment goes online

‘Rainbow’, a web series in Konkani has been released on YouTube’s on Ethereal Productions channel by Benhur Silva. NT BUZZ finds out more


Titled ‘Rainbow’, Goa’s first web series in Konkani has been launched by Benhur Silva, available on Benhur’s YouTube channel Ethereal Productions.

The web series is spread over five episodes, of around 12 minutes each and is made specifically for Goans. The first two episodes were released on Saturday, September 22 at 6 p.m.; and the third episode will be released this Saturday, September 29; following which the fourth and fifth episodes will be uploaded on October 6.

‘Rainbow’ is a story revolving around three friends and set in Goa. The character Yash is depressed while Charlie is shown to be full of life. Tanya is another character – one of their friends, and also the love interest. The series is based on the concept of Charlie helping his friend Yash to transform his life from depression to happiness. Spectators will see Benhur as Charlie, Yash Kuvelkar as Yash, Isha Kakodker as Tanya, Nandan Sambari as Rohan and John D’Silva as Professor John.

The story and screenplay has been written and directed by Benhur himself. Nandan is assistant director, Chirag Naik is the cinematographer and Christ Silva is the editor. Benhur has also composed two songs for the series that are sung by Sudhindra Shanbhag and Tejaswi Chipolkar. Music is composed by Sairaj Gadge and Sudhindra Shanbhag, they have recreated the song ‘Hya Disani’ from Konkani film ‘Action’.

Through his YouTube channel, Benhur actively uploads short films including One Life, Circle, Chance, Hope. However, this time he thought of developing a web series. “I was just checking some of the online channel services, and found many web series online. And I realised, so far there is not even a single web series in Konkani created by any Goan.”

Benhur had initially written a short film which he then decided to shoot in the format of a web series. He mentioned that the screenplay for short film and web series are different and thus has modified the story into episodes.

In today’s digital world, people are slowly shifting from television to internet to watch movies and series. Benhur says that a program appears on television at a fixed time and the spectators may not always be free to watch it at that time. And thus, the show is often missed. “On the web, we have the flexibility of time and it is convenient to watch the episodes any day and any time as the shows are always available. People can watch it repeatedly too. Thus the medium of entertainment has changed today,” says Benhur who is pursuing electronics and telecommunication engineering in the Goa College of Engineering.

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