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Goan boy is style superstar

Amar Ojha from Porvorim recently won ‘MTV Pantaloons Style Superstars’. NT BUZZ finds out more about his fashion quotient


Twenty-one-year-old Amar Ojha from Porvorim likes doing everything out of the box. And it was this attitude that won him the the MTV Pantaloons Style Superstars title recently.

“Winning the title was something very special. I had to prove myself and also prove wrong the many people who mocked my dancing and fashion,” says Amar, who came across this show while surfing on the internet. Intrigued by the promo which stated ‘your style can change your stars’, he decided to give the show a try. But things got complicated from the beginning itself.

When the audition dates were announced he was caught in a dilemma as his third year mass communication exams (he is a student of St Xavier’s College, Mapusa) were approaching. He however decided to go ahead and audition for the same. “I was quite confused whether to go or not and also I did not have money. I borrowed some from my friends and decided to go. There were over 150 contestants from different parts of India. Also, most of the contestants who were participating were mostly from fashion institutes or were designers,” says Amar.

He didn’t let all this get him down however and went on to qualify for the finals which were held at Mumbai. “I am pretty confident about what I wear and how I carry myself. For the event they mentioned that it was not a modelling show but your outfits would be what would speak for you and I knew what I wanted to exactly. While people just walked the ramp, I tried to use my dance to add a bit of swag to it,” says Amar.

Post the audition, Amar had to return to Goa but realised he didn’t have sufficient money in hand. He somehow managed to get some through his friends. “That night I did not eat anything because I did not have money. I knew it was going to be hard but I was not scared,” he recalls. A month later, he got a call for the finals. This time, the trip was fully sponsored by them.

All episodes hereon were streamed on MTV. And Amar began his Mumbai round on the right note on the first day itself, winning the hearts of the judges with his funky look where he picked funky attire and mismatched shoes that drew attention. “We were asked to come and introduce ourselves to the judges, but were taken by surprise when we realised that they were judging us for what we were wearing at the same time. However, I picked the right look. That’s how you do it!” says Amar.

As part of the various tasks he was asked to style for various occasions and functions. He styled his clothing as a drama teacher, for a gala party, wildlife, and much more. “The hardest one was the finale task where I had to style a girl who was basically my girlfriend for the task, apart from myself. Styling yourself can be easy but choosing clothes and dressing someone else is hard. I pulled it off however,” says Amar.

“Though it was hard I knew I would be good at it. My mom was happy and I proved all those people who mocked and criticised me, wrong,” he adds.

Elaborating further on the mocking he used to receive, he says that when people don’t know much about something, they often try to mock and put you down. “Many people would comment, ‘what are you wearing?’ They always had something or the other to say. But this achievement is an answer to all of them,” he says.

Amar proudly admits that he is a mischievous and naughty student but he believes in enjoying life to the fullest possible. “Yes, you need to earn and you need to study but you also need to have fun. You cannot be serious all the time. ‘Masti karni hai life mhe’,” says Amar.

As a student, Amar has to juggle between his academics and his passion, he however calls upon people to be gentle and to support one another in their endeavours. “In Goa, there is a lot of talent but it is not much respected or given importance. There are many talented people who are good at a particular thing but we don’t consider. We prefer to get a person or professionals from other places for events rather than give our own people a chance. Also, we need to know what to laugh and what to not. It is not just right to make fun of something or someone who’s trying to do something in life,” he says.

“I am glad that I had good friends and family who supported me all the time. They helped me and believed in me. There are many like me who can achieve great heights. All they have to do is do what they love and follow it passionately,” concludes Amar.


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