Saturday , 19 January 2019

Goa State Yoga Academy to endorse yoga


The world is getting health conscious and yoga, a mind and body practice having historical origins to the Indian philosophy, is attracting many. In this backdrop, Goa will see the doors of its own yoga academy thrown open, come Gudhi Padva on March 18 that will cater to yoga under one roof at Goa State Yoga Academy. Minster for power and social welfare, and chairman of Goa State Yoga Academy, Pandurang Madkaikar while speaking at a press conference held at Kala Academy said that yoga teachers in Goa have been conducting classes at an individual level but this Academy will bring all teachers under one roof. “This Academy will be a hub for yoga teachers from across Goa as members of the academy. Besides, this is a platform for all yoga teachers to contribute and improve the Goan yoga scene,” said Madkaikar. The inaugural function of the Goa State Yoga Academy will be held on March 18 at Panaji. Madkaikar said that they have proposed to make Kala Academy the permanent venue for the academy, with its head office in either Panaji or Porvorim. “Classes are already being conducted in Kala Academy. We also have plans to have at least one centre in each of the 40 constituencies of Goa,” said Madkaikar.

Madkaikar highlighted that the sole objective of the Academy will not only be to teach yoga but also to impart etiquette and cultural values in the younger generations and to get them out of all sorts of addictions. “We want to promote yoga across Goa in schools from primary level to secondary level and also amongst the senior citizens. We aim to establish social responsibility among the students and to community on the whole,” he said. All the directions and schemes related to yoga by the central and state government will be centralised via the Academy.

Although yoga is a subject in the school curriculum Madkaikar stressed that the time is not used to teach yoga. “Schools do not teach students yoga during a yoga class. Moreover, physical education teachers are not trained to teach yoga,” he said adding that the Academy will organise training sessions and workshops for government employees, religious bodies, sports and cultural organisations, self-help groups with a major emphasis on teachers. Special yoga camps will be organised to train teachers in addition to other authorised certificate courses,” he said.

Also present for the press conference were yoga guru, Suraj Kanekar; secretary, Ramchandra Bharne; treasurer, Milind Mahale; Yog Pramukh Goa State, Pradeep Nagvenkar and Yog Mahila Pramukh Goa State, Neelam Marathe. Kanekar spoke about how schools are making students money making machines and how in this bargain, humanity has taken a back seat. “Why do we need counsellors in schools, if each teacher understands a child’s problems and can teach them moral values. Yoga is not restricted to physical education teachers but also the public,” he said adding that there is no age bar to learn or practice yoga.


(The inaugural function will be held on March 18 at 11 a.m. at Black Box, Kala Academy,
Panaji. The event is open to all.)


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