Valpoi park could prove dangerous for children

Abdulla Khan | NT

VALPOI: Soon after the school examinations come to an end and as soon as holidays begin, the children from Valpoi, as also the children from the rest of the state, will want to visit places of recreation such as playground, parks, etc, to enjoy their summer vacation.

The children in Valpoi who wish to visit parks are in for a disappointment as the only park in Valpoi, which was recently upgraded with landscaping and where new recreational and play items were fitted, and which is supposedly maintained by the Valpoi Municipal Council, is reportedly not safe at all.

A few parents complained that the recreational items fitted in the park are rusted and would lead to injuries to their children; hence, they said they would advice their children to stay away from the park.

When ‘The Navhind Times’ reporter went around the park, it was clearly seen that the parents’ fears were not unfounded and were very genuine. The play items as well as the recreational items, such as the see-saws, swings and the slide has a lot of rust on them. One parent who was there said, "These items were once painted with a coat of many colours, however, today due to lack of maintenance and neglect from the authorities, these items are found to have rusted and have turned brown and black. There is a very real danger that our children will be injured if they choose to play on these items."

The parent further said that it is high time the authority conduct an inspection of the park and its equipment and begin repairs and complete them before the exams are over.

Another parent told this reporter that if the authourities are unable to repair the items, then they should display a notice outside the park informing the visitors that it is unsafe for children to play on the items inside. "The rusted parts are sharp and pointed which will hurt any child. The park which is considered to be recreational place to enjoy has now turned hazardous for these children, who are unaware of the fact that the playing items are not safe for them. The concerned authority must take note of it and urgently replace the items before any untoward incident occurs in the park," he stated.  

When contacted, VMC chairperson, Mr Umesh Gulelkar informed that the park has been proposed for upgradation which includes fitting of new recreational items. "The renovation of park was proposed and had been undertaken by GSUDA," he stated further assuring that VMC would take up the matter on priority basis and ask the concern authority to start the work soon so that no child is injured while playing in
the park.