Special hangar erected at Campal found to be technically faulty

PANAJI: The special air-conditioned hangar erected at the Dayanand Bandodkar football stadium, Campal, for the opening as well as closing ceremony of the forthcoming International Film Festival of India has been found to be technically faulty, as the guests sitting along the sideway rows would not be able to get a clear view of the stage.

The audiences sitting in the central part of the hanger will however have no obstruction.
The vice-chairman of the Entertainment Society of Goa, Mr Vishnu Wagh informed that he has already inspected the hanger and is aware of the fault.
“The poles of the hangar are becoming hindrance to the sideway rows,” he admitted, maintaining that the poles are however, important as they carry the entire weight of the hanger on them.
It may be recalled that the government had taken the decision to erect a special facility at the old football stadium since the Kala Academy, which is the regular venue for IFFI opening and closing ceremonies over the years, has limited capacity of around 965 seats. The Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation is in charge of the construction of the temporary hangar, which is being erected by a Delhi-based company at the cost of Rs 1.23 crore. 
Speaking further, Mr Wagh maintained that the total capacity of the hanger is around 2,700 spectators, out of which 240 seats are reserved for members of the print and electronic media.
He also agreed that the hangar has inflated the total budget of IFFI 2012 to an estimated Rs 9 crore. This year, the opening as well as closing ceremony of the mega film event will accommodate maximum audiences since the arrival of the event in Goa. 
The hanger has a size of 160 ft X 240 ft, and is being erected with MS Truss made of 2 inch NB pipe. The frame work above the structure is prepared with a combination of rafters and purlins for fixing corrugated iron sheet with help of clamps. The hanger will be 25 ft high.
The air-conditioning of entire hanger area will be carried out by AC chilling units ranging from 15 TR TO 210 TR and with the help of spiral flexible ducting. The emergency exit door will be provided as per the fire norms. Altogether 14 silent diesel generators will also be provided in case there is a power failure during the ceremonies. Interestingly, the hangar will also have 4 big and 8 medium sized chandeliers as well as dark grey coloured synthetic fire retardant carpet as a part of the décor.