Regional plan for Ponda notified

PANAJI: The government has notified the Regional Plan for Goa-2021 (Part) for Ponda taluka and Settlement Level Plan of nineteen village panchayats including Usgao with land use table, officials informed.

But the order says that public projects, schemes, and development works undertaken by the central or state government, will be according to the rules of the government, effectively keeping them out of the ambit of the reginao.

According to the officials, from the date of publication of this notification in the Official Gazette, all development programmes undertaken by anyone in the area will be according to the provisions of such Regional Plan.

The Chief Town Planner, Mr Putturaju had notified the Regional Plan for Goa-2021 (Part) in respect of Sattari taluka along with Settlement Level Plan of twelve village panchayats and one municipal council, Ponda taluka along with Settlement Level Plan of eighteen village panchayats and Quepem taluka and Settlement Level Plans of eleven panchayats and two municipal councils along with their land use table.

Earlier, Ponda taluka’s Regional Plan was notified in respect of only eighteen village panchayats as villages Gangem and Usgao of Usgao village panchayat were part of the Dharbandora taluka. Later, the government omitted the Usgao and Gangem villages from the Darbandora taluka and included them in the Ponda taluka.

Information says that the plans and land-use table were made available for the purpose of inspection in the offices of Town and Country Planning Department.