It was next to impossible for Parrikar govt to curb corruption in 8 months: Mesquita

PANAJI: The vice-president of the state unit of the BJP, Dr Wilfred Mesquita on Wednesday observed that the Parrikar government was unable to curb corruption in its administration in last eight months.

Dr Mesquita told ‘The Navhind Times’ that it was next to impossible for the Parrikar government to bring down corruption in the state administration within such a short time.

It may be recalled that while addressing his first public meeting after taking oath of the office on March 9, earlier this year, the Chief Minister, Mr Parrikar had said that zero tolerance towards corruption would be the main agenda of his government.

"Corruption that has taken place during the past regime is so vast and so deep rooted that Parrikar found it difficult to eradicate corruption within a period of eight months," he added, pointing out that corruption was still very much a part of the state bureaucracy and the BJP government needed time to weed it out.

When asked whether he himself has experienced corruption in the state administration during the present regime, Dr Mesquita, who is also the Commissioner for NRI Affairs, said that he has received feedback from the people, which indicates likewise. "I am in public life and regularly meet a number of people from various walks of life, who in turn brief me about the happenings around," he maintained, noting that as per his knowledge and information giving and taking bribes still continues in the government offices.

Speaking further, the state BJP vice-president said that although the government is aware of the corruption, it would not be able to eradicate the same completely. "And if the chief minister is confident about eradicating corruption, I do not know how he plans to achieve it," he mentioned.

The Commissioner for NRI Affairs also alleged that the former public works department minister, through the rural development agency, had utilised funds so much that the RDA presently has no funds left.

"The previous government had made a complete mess of the finances and it is going to take us time to make the corrections," he observed, reiterating "but we are committed to put the financial mess in order."

Meanwhile, Dr Mesquita also said that the election for the new state BJP president would be held on November 18. Incidentally, sources in the state BJP unit informed that the former Fatorda legislator, Mr Damodar Naik is the frontrunner for the post.

"It appears that Damodar will be elected unanimously for the top organisational post of the party at the state level," sources maintained, adding that, after losing the March assembly election, Mr Damodar has been appointed as the vice-chairman of state urban development authority as well as the head of Margao Ravindra Bhavan’s general council, however, no major post has been offered to him and therefore the party probably wants him to be the state president of BJP.