Davorlim villagers want BPL list verified by panchayat members

MARGAO: The villagers of Davorlim-Dicarpale during the gram sabha held, on Sunday, demanded that the list of below poverty line (BPL) families of the village should be first verified by the elected representatives before being tabled in the meeting for approval.

The villagers, present at the congested panchayat hall, fumed when it was revealed that a villager’s name is included in the BPL list, despite his wife having a government job. They also pointed out that a person, listed in the BPL list had expired.

"It is the duty of the elected representatives to check the list. Both the names should be cancelled,’’ they demanded. The sarpanch, Mr Herculano Niasso, and other elected representatives explained that it was an old BPL list put before the gram sabha, for approval.

Mr Niasso informed that just 14 names were approved. A resolution to this effect was taken.

"Villagers co-operated with me and hence it was a really good gram sabha,’’ he said when asked how he felt while conducting the first gram sabha.

Alleging that the scrap yard built on the 10,000 square metre of communidade land in the village was illegal, the locals at the gram sabha demanded that it be demolished as it created problem in the locality.

The villagers blamed the former panchayat body for not paying any heed to their written complaints against the said scrap yard.

"We have sent notices to the scrap yard owner. Necessary actions will be taken soon,’’ assured the sarpanch.

Much concern was raised over the garbage disposal issue. The locals informed the elected representatives that "some outsiders’’ dump their waste along the village roads and cause nuisance. They demanded that the panchayat strictly monitor the places at night in order to catch the culprits red-handed and hand them over to the police.

Sarpanch assured to monitor the places. Speaking on the disposal of waste generated in the village, he said that villagers should segregate their waste, which will help to collect it.

It was resolved to take measures to control the dumping of waste in the open.

The sarpanch urged those renting out their premises in the village to first give details to the police about the parties.

"There are instructions from the police that information about all those staying in the rental rooms should be submitted to them for verification,’’ a panchayat member said.

Discussion was held on the proposal of railway overbridge from Chodwaddo to Davorlim.

The gathered villagers complained about the poor services of the health centre and the electricity department. All the 11 members were present for the gram sabha.