CCP all set to make film fest an eco-friendly event

PANAJI: The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has made all preparations for turning the 43rd edition of the International Film Festival of India, slated to open in the city on November 20, into an unique eco-friendly event by reducing the garbage generated during the mega film event by at least 50 per cent.

The Commissioner of CCP, Mr Sanjith Rodrigues, speaking to a section of media on Sunday said that all arrangements have been done for the purpose, and the Entertainment Society of Goa as well as food vendors, who would be setting up their stalls in the vicinity of the IFFI venues, have been issued strict directions.

Stating that food and packing associated with food form the main garbage generated during the film festival period, the CCP Commissioner said that last year, the garbage generated during the IFFI period was 4 tonnes per day. "This year, we expect to reduce it to 2 tonnes, most of which will be recyclable," he assured.

Speaking further, Mr Rodrigues said that instructions have been given imposing ban on the use of carry bags, aluminium-foiled plates and Styrofoam plates at the IFFI venue, and use of only metal thalis or melamine plates would be allowed so that they could be washed and reused. "The CCP for the purpose would be supplying running water to the vendors of food," he added, pointing out that use of banana leaves and betel leaves plates would also be encouraged; all of which expected to help in the cent per cent elimination of the garbage resulting out of food plates.

"Furthermore, we will not allow use of containers made from glass, paper, plastic or Styrofoam for consuming drinks including water," the CCP Commissioner said, stating that transparent glasses made from virgin, recyclable, high-grade plastic would be allowed so that they can be reused after washing. Mr Rodrigues also said that only 2-litre bottles of water and aerated drinks would be permitted at the IFFI venues, in addition to the drinks served in metal cans. "In fact, I have spoken to the general manager of Coke and he has agreed for the same," he mentioned.

It was further informed that the management of the Inox Multiplex has also been informed to follow these rules. "The staff members at the IFFI including security personnel would be given food either in properly packed containers or on a buffet table, at a centralised place," the CCP Commissioner said, maintaining that 4-way segregation – paper, plastic, glass and metal – of the waste would be undertaken, which will help in recycling the waste.

On a parting note, the CCP Commissioner said that every IFFI venue would be closely monitored by the CCP, with a monitoring cell set up for the purpose. "We will also impose heavy penalties on those who refrain from following our instructions," he warned.

Finally, Mr Rodrigues appealed to all participants to treat the film festival as their own festival and handle the garbage generated through it just as they would handle it in their respective houses. "We will be very much thankful to all Goans as well as our esteemed guests attending the festival, if they support the CCP in its endeavour," he concluded.