Best time of my life was with Matanhy: Alina

MARGAO: Ms Alina Saldanha, wife of the Tourism, Environment and Forest Minister, late Matanhy Saldanha, thanked everybody for helping her at a time of deep crisis when she had lost her husband.

She also thanked the government of Goa for a special adieu through a state funeral for Matanhy.

Speaking at the funeral ceremony, she said that the best 20 years of her life were the ones she had spent with Matanhy. "He was always excited seeing people with him and their overwhelming support to his ideas. I thank Cortalim and the whole of Goa for the love you showed to my husband. I know Matanhy is in our Father’s arms and will continue to shower his love on Goa," a teary-eyed Alina said at the St Thomas Church. She said that Matanhy died a happy man, and was always filled with joy when speaking about Goa and added that that would always make her happy.

"I would accompany Matanhy on his door-to-door campaign but on the days I didn’t, and received him at night, I always saw joy on his face as he told me that the people were excited about the change. My day started and ended with him. I am ever willing to listen to his call to join him in eternity. Till then, I shall live enriched in his love" she Alina.