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Goa Miles & yellow-black taxi drivers clash at Madgao rly station

Clashes between Goa Miles taxi operator and other taxi operators are continuing. This time, on Monday, it was a clash between Goa Miles drivers and yellow and black taxi drivers, at the Madgao railway station. In response to the counter complaints made against each other, Madgao Police has arrested two taxi drivers of Goa Miles and four drivers of yellow and black taxis. Benaulim MLA Churchill Alemao is still blaming the government of selling Goa to outsiders for additional revenue.

There are two different stories of the clash. Black and yellow taxi operators claim Goa Miles drivers came to their counter at the railway station and started shooting a video. Then they went physical. And according to Goa Miles drivers, one of them was stopped by yellow and black taxi drivers when he went to pick a customer. When another Goa Miles taxi driver went to sort out the issue, they were both assaulted.

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